News Appetizers Work Late

Welcome to the last Friday news roundup of 2012! I predict that the first Friday news of next year, we’ll talk about the next Fiscal Cliff, the mess in Syria, nominees for Secretary of State, and some rich people being jerks. Some things never change! But to see what’s up today, click on through!

A rival is purchasing the New York Stock Exchange. I don’t really know what this means, but apparently they’re really interested in trading derivatives. Remember those? NYTimes

Peter B. Madoff, the brother of Bernie, was sentenced to ten years in prison yesterday. NYTimes

P-Mag Platinum Pomegranate award winner Cory Booker will run for Senate rather than challenge governor Chris Christie. NYTimes

A blizzard in the Midwest! Which sucks for travel, but this winter has been way too warm so far. LATimes

The Republicans are voting on Plan B. Not the birth control. The fiscal cliff solution. BBC

The UN approves Mali military intervention. Al Jazeera

The NRA is supposed to make some big announcement tomorrow. I am very curious to hear what they say. What news stories did you follow the past couple of days?

By [E] Sally Lawton

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