News Appetizers Work More for Less

If the news is to be believed, we’re making less money and our kids are getting less fat. Most importantly, A MONKEY GOT LOOSE IN IKEA.

The Ikea Monkey in a Coat, captioned to look like a Marc Jacobs ad.
This was the funniest take on this. Via someone on tumblr.

Michigan votes to limit unions. Remember kids, right to work means the right to work for less. NYTimes

Is obesity falling in children? NYTimes

HSBC is sorry about all the money laundering, pays $1.9 billion. NPR

A monkey in a jacket took a trip to Ikea. BBC

The U.S. has blacklisted a Syrian Rebel group. Al Jazeera

Looks like conservatives everywhere hate science: Canadian PM Stephen Harper (a Conservative) is stepping up the attack on climate change. Al Jazeera

Britain’s Conservatives want to legalize same sex marriage. BECAUSE IF YOU WANT GOVERNMENT OUT OF YOUR SHIT, YOU STAY OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE’S SHIT, TOO! LATimes

Sex scandal in Russia shows that sex scandals are often more about politics than anything else. NPR

By [E] Sally Lawton

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I’m not sure if the Tories want to legalise gay marriage, so much as they know they don’t have much of a choice. And it’s all descending into chaos, it seems. I did read a comment on the Daily Mail about this all and someone delightful cried out that it’s because of Humanists that we’re going to have gay marriage and it’s wrecking the institution of marriage. I’d be more inclined to allow gay marriage, since there’s a greater chance of a gay couple being Christian, than a Humanist couple being Christian.

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