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Persephone Lounge is Open for Business

I’m on day number I don’t even know what of a seventeen billion-day work stretch. Ah, December in retail.

Entertain me, people. Seriously. Because I can’t even keep my eyes open at this point. And if the world is ending tomorrow, [spoiler] it’s not[/spoiler] I want to go out laughing.

Also, this song has been stuck in my head all week (damn end-of-the-world playlists), so now it’s going to be stuck in yours, too.

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Guys, I think I’m officially an adult now.

I’ve gotten a few cash gifts from clients and my grandpa sent me $100 check today (which comes with it’s own side of self imposed guilt, as he has been paying my massive student loan bill every month for the past year and a half) and instead of planning to go out shopping for random stuff, I’ve put it into my budget as money to go towards January bills. *sigh*

Bills are stupid. Debt is even stupider.

Welcome, welcome to the adult world. I realized I was an adult when I started worrying about having a job that included medical insurance and a 401k.

Also, it’s snowing in my city and we’re never supposed to get snow. It gets cold as fuck, but it’s not supposed to snow. It’s snowed twice already this year. So while I know the world isn’t really ending, it makes me wonder.

Also, the NYT had this article:

Oh and I’m loving this song atm

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