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Persephone Lounge is Open for Business: Open Thread for 12/13/12

Thursday, again?

To be quite honest, I had to think for a minute about what day it actually is. That’s the thing about working in retail in the middle of December: all of the days and minutes and hours all rush in together and you find yourself unable to distinguish normal increments of time.

So please, distract me from my customer service woes and tell me something that’ll make me smile. Because so far, the highlight of my week was a skeezy middle-aged man telling me I don’t look like the 16-year-old professional swimsuit model used in one of our ads. Fun.

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Don’t worry, I had to think about what day it was as well. Even worse, I thought I worked last night and I didn’t. I’ve just come off my week long stretch and my days and sleep schedule are all funked up.

Nothing much to smile about on my end. I took care of one depressing little kid all week and I taught a parent CPR class on Sunday that involved a mom in hot pink ruffled underwear (why yes, they were sticking out) who was basically punching the practice doll instead of doing chest compressions. The other parents were scared of her and I really couldn’t blame them. It was fun.

Right now, I’m baking shortbread (with tea and green food dye!) and gingerbread in hopes that I can stay up all night AND all day tomorrow so I can be normal by Saturday. We shall see. :)

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