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This Open Thread is Baking Cookies

Hello friends! You look so nice today. That’s really your color. You should wear it more often.

Join us in this thread and let us know how the week’s been treating you. Shopping done? House decorated? Cookies baked? I’m working on that last one myself for a cookie exchange tomorrow night. I found this recipe a couple of days ago and it hit all my yum buttons – chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Nutella? Yes, please.

What’s your go-to cookie recipe?

Nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookies
Image courtesy of Cooking Classy.

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12 replies on “This Open Thread is Baking Cookies”

My fave is an inside out chocolate chip, with cherries and nuts. I also do the gingerbread men every year (and I finally got J to eat one! well, a gingerbread star, he refuses to eat the traditional shaped ones, which I can’t help but find cute).

And while we’re on the subject, does anyone have a good recipe for sugar cookies? It’s been forever since I made them, and the recipe I pulled out this time sucked. I need one that’s good for rolling and comes out just a little bit chewy.

My absolute favorite that I haven’t made in years because I can’t find my copy of the recipe involves chocolate chips or chunks, walnuts, and coconut. I used to make them at my dad’s coffeehouse sometimes and my friends would follow me into the kitchen and snatch them off the tray as I pulled them out of the oven. They’re HUGE and amazing. I also love the plain old Tollhouse recipe from the chocolate chip bag (though I usually add a dash of cinnamon), oatmeal cookies with butterscotch chips, and these sugar cookies.

I would like to wear the color teal more often. I don’t think I actually own anything teal colored, but I think I would look good in it.

Otherwise, my go-to cookies are generally some mix of ginger/spice and cocoa/chocolate chips. It’s like chai in a cookie. Runner up: something with mint and (again) chocolate.

Peanut butter blossoms. Good peanut butter cookies, slap a hershey’s kiss in the middle, INSTA-HIT. Because the combination of peanut butter and chocolate is not to be beat. Also, Oh Henry Bars. Again, peanut butter and chocolate. Delicious.

In other news, I want to watch “Call the Midwife” but have missed all my free and legal opportunities. Now all I can do is pay for it or wait patiently and hope it shows up on Netflix Instant. I am extremely wary of more…….sneaky methods of internet watching ever since I was sued for gay porn. That I didn’t even download.

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