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This Open Thread is Behind in Its Shopping

Hello friends! It’s another Wednesday, another midweek, another hump to get over. Somehow the 12th of December totally snuck up on me and I’m overwhelmed by how many holiday related things there are to do. I’ve got to buy presents, buy and mail presents, send out cards, decorate the house, put up a tree, bake, re-bake when we’ve accidentally eaten all the baked goods, and get ready for a surprise wedding. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

How is your holiday prep ““ or in the case of our Jewish friends, the ongoing celebration ““ going for you? Feel free to gripe (or gloat) about it in the comments.

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My shopping is nearly done, except my dad, who is impossible to buy for. I haven’t sent a Christmas card in five years, so I’m not even going to pretend to try to do that this year. The tree isn’t up, the baking isn’t started, the plans aren’t finalized, and the rest of it is pretty much chaos, but at least the shopping is nearly done. Those gifts aren’t wrapped, because I also need to buy all the wrapping crap.

Bah humbug.

I have both parents, the boyfriend, and three of the five or so friends I buy for done. So I’m in pretty good shape. Plus I am not working so I have all the time I need right now. Last job told me to walk when I gave notice. New job doesn’t start til next year. I’m having trouble figuring out what to do with myself.

Ooh! Ooh! I am ahead of schedule this year! I have most of my Christmas shopping done. Need to pick up a few things (at grocery store, wine store, and a hardware store), after I get paid on Friday. Plus I think I am actually going to get Christmas cards done this year. Hand-writing them. If I manage to get that done (it is the plan for Sunday), it will be my first year sending them out. Some may arrive after Christmas, but whatever.

Aaand my travel to two cities and three families (girlfriend’s two sides of the family in NYC and my family in Albany) is all planned out. Phew! I feel so on top of things! With no idea when my baking will get done, but….

My christmas shopping is pretty fine this year, but the number of holiday parties I have to go to/make a dish for has increased vastly… I like cooking and all, but on my own schedule. The first event: Friday lunch for work. I don’t believe raw cookie dough is an appropriate option, but it’s really all I want to make and eat.

Not doing a whole lot of Christmas shopping this year. I sent my sister and BIL gifts via Amazon and my parents told me not to get them anything as they want me to save money. I’ll probably pick something up for them on my winter vacation though.

Really all I have to do is pick up cheesy white elephant gifts from the dollar store, fill up a charity gift bag for a local orphanage and pick up a secret Santa gift. All of these have money limits so I’m not spending too much money.

I am very behind on my grad school applications. Spending the day working on those.

I have one present for Mr. qSS and one on order. That’s it. I also have three major family birthdays (Mom, Dad, and MiL) to take care of. In addition to working retail, which is a special kind of hell during the holidays. Oh, and I volunteered to do fancy writing on envelopes for a local business, so my day off tomorrow and after work on Friday will be spent signing cards and addressing envelopes.

Can we fast-forward to March? I’d say January or February but January will likely involve packing and moving, and February’s just too fucking cold.

I am so, so behind on my Christmas shopping. I have presents for no one, and this was the year I swore I was gonna get everyone really awesome presents with my grownup money.

The good news is that I just found a wonderful apartment, so now I can focus on other things than having a place to live in the new year. Let the desperate Internet hunting begin!

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