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Thursday Night OT: Throw Your Hands Up At Me

It’s no secret that I firmly believe that Destiny’s Child is the most influential and awesome girl band of the last 20 years or so. Tonight, we look at two of their finest works:

and, of course:

That’s right, kids. It’s server drive time. Our server needs care and feeding again (so needy, these necessary pieces of equipment!), so if you have a buck or two to throw in our direction so we can keep the website goddesses appeased for another month, we’ll send all of our thanks in the form of unicorns, glitter, and all the gifs a person could ever want (and some they might not). The “donate” button is over there on the right hand sidebar.

In the meantime, tell me all about your week! Mine’s been full of work and baking, and some sleep here and there. Not nearly enough, though. How about you? What’s new and exciting in your world?

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It’s snowing in my town today and it actually doesn’t snow often here. So between bells, all my students race outside to play for a bit and I went and took some pictures and they are just adorable when they’re not being bad in my class.

I’m going to miss this gig a bit.

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