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Top Five Tuesday: All in the Details

I have been thinking a lot about clothes lately. I had some issues over the summer and, to make a long story short, I lost a lot of weight and none of my pants fit anymore. To my considerable surprise, it is nearly impossible to find a normal pair of jeans in a store right now. I like relaxed, faded denim jeans with legs that are loose without being voluminous. The current trend is either dark indigo skinny jeans, or dark bootcut jeans that look as if they were cut to accommodate Space Boots.

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I don’t have the words…

As I said, my search has me thinking about what I like in clothes. I am kind of picky, but in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think I ask for much.

  1. Pockets. If I had my way, everything would have pockets, but I’ll tell you this; I would rather have no pockets than useless inch-and-a-half deep decorative pockets. Can someone please explain to me the purpose of a pocket that is only deep enough to make you think you can put things in it?
  2. Hoods. Since I stick to no muss/no fuss hair styles, I’ll take a hood over an umbrella any day. They keep your ears warm, too.
  3. Softness. I do so love soft fluffy fabrics. One of my favorite garments is my Cookie Monster robe. It was not made to be a Cookie Monster robe, but it is bright blue and furry. No one believes that I did not realize when I bought it that I would look like I had skinned a Muppet.
  4. Appropriately sized arm holes. I know everyone has different size arms, so there is no way to mass produce perfectly tailored garments. However, there is no excuse for plus-size blouses with super-skinny arms or tops where the sleeve could fit around one’s waist. If it’s a design choice, fine. That is a style I can avoid. When it’s a matter of poor planning, it bugs the crap out of me.
  5. Cute skirts. You know what’s still one of my favorite things in the world? Wearing a skirt that fans out when I spin around. You can keep your pencil skirts, I’m just waiting for pleats and ruffly hems to come back in style.

So tell me, what makes something a keeper in your wardrobe?

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Pockets, definitely. USEFUL pockets. I like carrying a purse for my various daily sundries, but I prefer to keep my keys/wallet/phone on my person. Not in a bag that can be left behind in a store/restaurant/car.
Flats are good; I can’t walk in heels. And they make all of my joints hurt. Though I may, ultimately, become a Clogs Lady (I need the arch support).
Good jeans (just enough stretch to be wearable, but not so much that they’ll lose structure by lunchtime) are like a holy grail.

…And scarves and shawls and jewelry.

I feel like I have a lot of the same preferences as you (@SaraB). The only way that I have been able to find most of my favorite clothes is that I found a consignment store in a nearby town that is everything I want in the world.

1. Not tight, but not that I am an amorphous blob. I am, for all intensive purposes, a small person. Or rather, small waist + big chest. I have been self-conscious of these things since one of my best guy friends started making comments about them in the 7th grade. It’s taken a long time to get me to wearing things that are somewhat form fitting. I’m getting more comfortable with how clothes fit me (such that I am past wearing mens clothes that are way too big- thank you “grunge” fashion in highschool). I still wear everything a little big, but I appreciate jeans that recognize that I have a nice butt. I own a lot of belts.

2. Durability. I work outside part of the year and I spend a lot of time hiking or playing outside otherwise. If I get jeans from Target I wear through them in just a few months. I need things that last.

3. Comfy and warm. See above + cold climates. I love me hoodies and flannel like no one’s business. Wool sweaters are my friend (but good wool, not scratchy wool).

4. Running shoes. I’m a runner and the lab that I work in necessitates me wearing close-toed shoes most of the time. I live in running shoes.

5. Good colors. I fully admit that 85% of my clothes are earth-tone-y, dark blues, greens, browns, and grays. But some of my absolute favorite pieces of clothing are ridiculously bright. Like, wear-these-outside-during-hunting-season colors. Just a little something to brighten the day.

1) Wearability. I need clothes that will last me a long time because I generally wear the shit out of stuff. So I don’t mind paying a little more for good quality, classic stuff that will last forever. I just got to save a bit more. Also, I think I have officially aged out of Forever 21.

2) Decent jeans. I live in jeans. If I can find a fit and cut that’s flattering, I’ll buy 5 pairs.

3) I’m the opposite of you in that I love a good pencil skirt. Perfect work outfit.

4) Ballet flats. I should probably wear heels more, but I will usually take comfort over style any day.

5) 50s-style A-line dresses. I worked at Anthropologie for awhile and wanted to buy the whole store. Even with my 50% discount, everything was too expensive. :(

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