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Top Five Tuesday: Best Money I Ever Spent

Have you ever gone to a store for one thing, but they didn’t have that thing, so you decide to buy everything else that looks good instead? 

I went to Barnes & Noble this weekend and ended up in a shopping fugue. The upside is that I now have a new addition to my list of coolest things I’ve ever bought:

  1. the cover of the book listography
    It’s so perfect, I could weep.

    Listography. After all my top five lists, it should come as no surprise that it was love at first sight when I came across this gem in the book store.

  2. LUSH jelly soap. Strange but true, trying to shower using a handful of soap with the consistency of gelatin is some of the most fun you can have for $6.
  3. Fake mustaches from a gumball machine. The whole experience; from seeing the gumball machine full of mustaches, to waiting to see which one you get, to wearing a terrible adhesive mustache for the rest of the day, is so awesomely surreal that you’d never guess it only costs a quarter.
  4. My own set of colored pencils that no children are allowed to use, regardless of what coloring emergencies may arise.
  5. The Unicorn Head Mask. Mr. B ordered a unicorn mask just before Halloween on a whim, and we have had so much fun with this thing, I can’t even. We’ve jumped out at each other, snuck up on each other, and hidden it in every conceivable place in the house. It is all things wonderful and frightening, all at the same time.
writer wearing pink leggings, legwarmers, rainbow sweater and scary unicorn mask
I was the ’80s for Halloween!

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One year my brother and I would go down and buy super bouncy balls from the machine for a dime a piece. We probably ended up with over 50 balls. Those things would bounce so high!! We spent hours throwing them all at once and sending them in every direction in the house. The best gift I bought was tickets to the Nutcracker for my mom and I. What a wonderful Christmas experience.

Man, I feel like this should be an easier top 5. I mean, I spend money. Lots of it. Maybe my first pair of Doc Martens, which I got after spending years lusting after them. My spooky-themed coffee much, decorated with bats and ‘scary’ words, which I love tons and get mad when other people drink out of. A pair of faux-leather pants that I got, er, a lot of use out of, if you know what I mean. The white christmas tree I got at for 20 bucks at a flea market.

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