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Top Five Tuesday: Strangely Sentimental

I am something of a sentimental fool. I’ve cried at commercials, I’m a sucker for holiday traditions, and I love marigolds because they remind me of my grandmother’s garden. I realized, though, that many of the things I get mushy about are somewhat off the beaten path. The top five that come to mind are:

  1. Joe Dirt. Yes, the goofy David Spade movie. When my husband and I were on our honeymoon, we ended up watching it because I got whammied with horrible horrible menstrual cramps and I didn’t want to move. It has since been known as our “honeymoon movie.”
  2. The Simpsons. They trigger fond memories for so many reasons, including my college mentor, whose name was Bart Simpson, and my trip to Italy, where I saw a pack of Simpsons action figures called “The Americans.”
  3. Ketchup, binoculars, and Cinderella, a.k.a “chepet,” “knockywurs,” and “Boo ChaCha,” according to my children when they were toddlers.
  4. Soldering irons. One of the nicest gifts I ever received was a soldering iron from my friend Kyle, for my 18th birthday. He got it for me because he knew I missed the jewelry classes I took in high school and I didn’t have many tools to tinker with at home.
  5. I’m doing this last one backwards. When Mr. B and I first met, we worked together at a theater. I was a carpenter and he was a sound guy. During a particularly crappy load-in, I was working on a project that would not come together. Apparently my frustration was visible all the way up in the booth, because suddenly The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, boomed out through the sound system. Mr. B had chosen a special song for sound check, just to remind me that I needed to relax.



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1. bluegrass. reminds me of family road trips.

2. grandparents. love them so much.

3. mountains. the environment. “planet earth” makes me cry.

4. dogs. they’re so full of love!

5. literally anything that is supposed to make me sentimental. commercials, the ends of movies (regardless of whether or not i saw the beginning) and books books books!

I will literally cry at the drop of a hat…. my poor boyfriend.

1. House of the Rising Sun, by the Animals. It is the song my dad would always warm up with on the guitar. One of my proudest days was learning to play it myself.

2. Mom’s favorite movies, become mine. White Christmas and Miracle on 34th street and 7 Brides for 7 Brothers

3. Christmas ornaments- I get one a year, and have done the same for my children and hubby. Lots of memories.

1. Honestly, since this is my 2nd Christmas overseas and away from my family (where Xmas is a big deal) everything Christmasy is making me sentimental.

2. Certain movies or TV shows if I have memories of watching with people. They were showing the 1st season of Lost on Korean TV and it made me nostalgic for all those Lost watching parties.

3. Food. God I get sentimental about food. A lot.

4. I am something of a pack rat so old t-shirts, letters, cards and anything my grandmother touched is highly valuable to me.

5. Probably the thing i’m most sentimental over is music. It’s such an integral part of my life. Certain songs will forever remind me of places or people, for better or for worse.

Awww… your #5 is adorable.
I like it when other people are sentimental, because I am not. It gives me hope for humanity (although outwardly I will likely roll my eyes).

1. Beethoven’s Fur Elise. It’s a song my dad often whistles. Specifically, one time he and I were on a fly-fishing trip in Canada, the sun was setting, the river was calm and smooth, he was standing maybe 100ft downstream of me, no other sign of humanity, and he starts whistling that song. It made me realize that I would never see him as happy and entirely in his element as I did right then; that it would be a scene that will stick in my head forever.

2. Donating blood. Okay, so it’s only when I am actually giving blood, not if I hear about someone else donating. My mom worked for the Red Cross for forever. Like me, her blood pressure is often too low to donate or her blood iron levels are too low. So she taught me two tricks to get past that so I can always give blood: drink a bottle of Coke or other high caffeine drink (for the blood pressure) and eat a cup of raisins (for the iron) ~ 15-30 min before donating. Also, the first time I was able to give blood, we donated at the same time and sort of raced to fill the bags first.

3. Bagpipes. And fiddle.

4. Disney’s animated Robin Hood. It was the go-to weekend movie for my friends and me during college. Whether it was hangover or heartbreak, the debonaire little fox made everything better.

5. A quilt that I made from old pieces of cut-off pants and t-shirts. I sewed it almost entirely by hand in the wee hours of the morning while staying up far too late/breaking curfew with my friend Brigid during my senior year of highschool.

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