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We are coming closer to the end of the Fall season. I haven’t found a lot of interesting new shows for winter. At least, Chihayafuru‘s second season is coming, yes for more crazy memory card game. All the other shows seem to be fan service, though. Beside this, Sword Art Online is almost over, one episode left. Shin Sekai Yori will continue on in the winter and it’s the best thing around right now. Psycho-Pass is also continuing on, the second best show I’m watching. K and Jormungand are almost done. K feesl a bit rushed though, but it was expected. As for Jormungand, after the end of this episode I’m not too sure where this is going.

Sword Art Online, Episode 24

Sugou is totally diabolical. It’s sort of sad that Kirito and Asuna meeting up was interrupted by such a megalomaniac. He’s literally torturing people now. This is a brutal episode. His ending was satisfactory. Although, Kirito loaded Headcliff ID from SAO (Kabaya’s player ID) to make Sugou a level one administrator beforehand. He was so pathetic, the guy clearly never played his own game. But this was Mega-cheating! Kabaya’s echo in the programming of ALO (ghost in the machine) also gave Kirito a Seed. I guess it’s meant to create a new world or something.

Oh, and there is one episode left.

Shin Sekai Yori, Episode 11

Ryou? Who is that guy? Saki wondered the same thing. I guess she didn’t get the brainwashing or it didn’t work properly. Anyhow, seems like they have reached the age where they choose their “life partner” (in the hetero sense). Which is sort of weird, because Maria and Saki are still a “teenage couple.” Oh, and Maria is miss popular too.

Saki is pretty good at hiding stuff in her house and remembers in her dreams how to find it back after her brain was brainwashed. Also, it seems like Maria ended up with Mamoru and Saki with Satoru. Yeah!

The kids realize that something is wrong with their memories and start to investigate. First stop, the village in the North Forest. All abandoned with no villagers. Maria also realizes that they used to be six – I almost forgot too, because that girl disappeared at the end of the second episode. Mamoru really isn’t a fan of breaking the rules, I expect him to be the next death now.

Wise word Maria: The truth can be the most cruel thing to find out. Especially when the Ethic committee chairwoman is asking to talk to you. Trouble ahead?

Psycho-Pass, Episode 10

Akane receives suspicious emails at 3:20 a.m. from one of her friends. I don’t get why she left her phone “ringing” on email receive while sleeping. I know that if I had a smart-phone and let it “on” at night, I’ll never sleep.

Looks like her friends were kidnapped and used in a trap to catch Akane. Or somebody else maybe,I have no idea who would want to catch Akana, she’s a rather uneducated detective. Seems like Kogami thinks the way I do, my CC is probably too high. He’s the target…which means that linking this to the last episode we get Makishima as the culprit.

The two of them were brought to the Mad-Cyborg labyrinth to be used as the pray in a hunt. Akane’s friends survival skills aren’t really high, I’m afraid. Good for her that Kogami is around. They found a transponder in one of the bag they picked up. With no batteries or antenna. Funny puzzles. The battery is found by Kogami on one of the hunting robot-dog. The antenna was in the bra of Akane’s friend. The game was testing to see if Kogami was going to abandon her or not.

Finally, Ginoza needs a kick in the ass. Although, I’m thinking that he’s going to have his CC raise for just being an asshole all the time.

K, Episode 11

Fushimi is a whiny guy. He’s always complaining that they aren’t attacking. Looks like the “bad guy” planted a bomb to make Spectre 4 attack the school and Homra was just happy to fight back. Oh, and the Blue King can walk on the air by making funky circles appear. As you see, Fushimi had his request granted.

Bad guy almost killed Anna, too, I hope he gets what’s coming to him. Although, I’m not sure how they will catch and kill a “spirit.” That is the best description for him, he keeps jumping from body to body. Unfortunately, Homra all thinks that the Blue tried to kill Anna. They are a bunch of idiots, so it’s not surprising. In it case, Spectre 4 all think the Red damaged Reisi, their king. They aren’t that much brighter, well besides Seri. All this fighting was done with really poor none-animations too. The budget was all spent on the Kuroh, Reisi and Mikoto fighting.

There is something reallllllly creepy in how Fushimi says Misaki (Yata’s real name).

Kukuri ended up with the “spirit” and tried to stab Shiro. It didn’t work the way he was thinking it was going to, I think. He just woke up Adolph K. Weissman that was sleeping in Shiro’s body. The episode ended with that. I don’t expect Mikoto to die now.

Jormungand, Episode 22

Koko standing outside when it’s raining heavily isn’t really healthy.  The mission to abduct the other professor has started. The team kidnapped the girl without issue, but the previous owners (USA)  have a Predator watching the area and following them. They sent a top-of-the-line squad team after them. Well, that was before Koko destroyed the drone and blinded them.

As a bonus, Luzt got another bullet in his butt. He and Jonas also fell off a cliff in a minefield. Not their lucky day, I guess. They are a funny duo. They don’t want to be rescued by Koko, so they are going to climb back the cliff with willpower.

Oh and Jormungand is an electronic warfare system that allows screwing with GPS coordinates, topographic data and stuff like that. Aka, Koko totally screwed the pursuing team. Good thing that she asked her team to remember the “map” by heart before starting.

O_o Koko kissed Jonah. That is sort of creepy. Mostly because Jonah is like 14 years old and Koko over 20. We also get to learn about her plan and it’s as ridiculous as I thought. Basically, return the world to 1910 on the logistic point-of-view (no more plans, rockets or stuff like that). It also means killing everybody currently flying in a plane at that time…something that makes Jonah’s put a gun at Koko’s face. I expected this since episode two.

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