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I guess this week’s theme was drama! Sugu finally learns who Kirito is in Sword Art Online. Saki wants Shun back in Shin Sekai Yori. K brings a lot of flashbacks. Psycho-Pass brings the last case to an inconclusive ending. Jormungand doesn’t really have drama and it mostly features teasing about Koko’s plan.

Sword Art Online, ep 22

Kirito smashes into the barrier. What an idiot. Yui reaches her mama, though, and Asuna sends the GM access card to Kirito.

Ouch! What a lot of arrows and a big sword! Kirito sort of forgets about strategy and goes all berserk against 100+ enemies and dies with lots of time until revival. Leafa saves his ass though. Go Leafa!

Poor Leafa. Poor, poor Leafa. Well at least she now knows that Kirito is her brother and he knows because she told him about her feelings. I like this declaration because feels like something that could happen in real life and not just in anime.

Shin Sekai Yori, ep 9

So the kids decide to find Shun, who has missed school for the last four days. It looks like all the people from his area haven’t been seen in  a while. Also, Saki and Satoru discover weird things around his home/hamlet. When I say weird things, I mean dead animals, strange carvings in trees, frost  in the middle of the summer, and a tree supposedly in a house that is now underground. What the hell did Shun do to the place?

Saki’s parents are really scared now. Poor guys! They are told to lie to their kid and get a few of their own children purged, too. Dang, Saki’s name means youngest child, and she had an older sister called Yoshimi. She has disappeared.

The Ethics Committee unleashes cats to go after Shun. The cats are strange because they have high heels. Saki decided to go save him, and I’m not sure how good this will be.

A cat with high heels, as seen between someone's legs
A cat with high heels

Psycho-Pass, ep 8

Episodes with a lot of talking aren’t easy to summarize, and this episode has a lot of talking. Let’s just say that Akane is a really crap detective and Kougami is really good at it.

Kougami has friends among the CC 300+ club. There is a therapy center (actually a prison) that keeps people with criminal coefficient over 300. One of these prisoners has a peculiar taste in art and gives the track to Ouryou.  Speaking of Rikako Ouryou, her CC is 472 and now the entire school will require therapy. Really, Kougami is somewhat brainless. You don’t run around with a gun out, it scares people!

They end up finding the last bodies while Makishima springs a trap for Rikako in a labyrinth with cyborg-dogs and the old man from last episode. And now Makishima has found a new pet to watch: Kougami.

K, ep 9

World War II flashbacks! In Dresden with scientists speaking German, which means I don’t understand anything until I get Japanese with subtitles. My German ends at “hello” and “thanks.” I do understand Doctor Weissman though!

LOL! The first Blue King is a mouse. Weissman discovers something that powers people and creates an army of super humans (according to a Japanese lieutenant, who should be the Gold King).

OMG! Weissman has Shiro’s voice. Well, good Shiro’s voice. I’m not sure if it is the same actor, but they sound quite alike. I guess he really moved into another body. He also has the same personality: “This power will bring peace to all.” He has a sister too, and she’s a bit like Neko, just not so much like an ignorant moose. Although, I should say he had a sister, because she died.

Oh, and his Damocles Sword is exactly like what Shiro showed a few episode back. I guess this art is confirmed. Shiro = Silver King = Weissman. So Weissman’s power is to be unchanging and stay young forever. Actually, his body wasn’t destroyed in the crash, but he’s still considered “dead.”

The Silver King's glowing sword hangs in the sky above the city
Silver King sword

Seems like the school kids remember That Guy, so it looks like Neko’s brainwash isn’t permanent. Everybody is starting to remember Shiro, except they can’t say his name.

Crap, Evil!Shiro (well whatever is controlling Evil!Shiro) tries to take over Mikoto. He gets burned and now Mikoto is coming for him, wherever that be. He trashes Specter 4 while leaving their HQ.  I guess “Shiro’s school” is going to get trashed next episode. That is where Mikoto and HOMRA are going next.

Jormungand, 20

Dr. Minami and Koko don’t have any friends besides each other? This is what happens when you are a nerd and a weapons saleswoman.  They are both working at building a new world, too. I really wonder what Koko’s plan is with this; unfortunately, we don’t learn anything concrete about it.

The plan has a name at least: Jormungand. This at least explains the series name now”¦ and the building a new world by destroying the old one too.

This episode mostly follows Dr. Minami and teases the viewers about Jormungand. As such, the episode is sort of boring. At least Karen is her awesome self.

So Koko was totally right that everybody would want to “board her ship” and be a part of her unknown plan. I’m starting to smell a really big trolling event in the future though, knowing Koko.

Kasper is really boring to listen too. HCLI builds a satellite network to allow “just-in-time” delivery of weapons to soldiers. Bahahaha. That dude that said he sounded like a comic book villain was right. So was Jonah saying: “That’s Kasper.” I never liked Kasper.

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