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Not many episodes left until the fall season is over. Shin Sekai Yori and Psycho-pass will continue for the winter season, so I don’t expect that much for the next two episodes. But K is ending and this episode was full build-up for the finale (which is going to be rushed in a way). I’m not sure about Jormungand, the plot is approaching a climax with Koko’s plot but I have no idea what it is. In other word, this week’s episodes were mostly there for exposition. So lots of blah-blah and not much action beside Sword Art Online.

Sword Art Online ep 23

So Sugu and Kirito are now back as friends after lots of tears. Kirito still wants to reach Asuna. I think he was right by saying that as long as she’s not back, he hasn’t come back from SAO yet. With the help of the Sylph and Caith Sith army were able to clear the “raid” to the World Tree. Well, Kirito was able to reach the gate, which can’t be opened by a player.  The programmers are real trolls.

Sugu lies in bed crying
Sugu crying

Anyhow, with the help of Yui and the gamemaster card Kirito got from last episode, they were able to go inside of  the tree. This was a heavy action episode with some nice vistas, although the “raid” fight was repetitive.

Psycho-Pass ep 9

Wow! Akane’s little holographic-robot-maid has a speculation circuit. I think that is a feature I would turn off on mine once I got one.

We finally have a name for the weird dude with the shotgun from last episode: Toyohisa Senguji. A pro-cyborg guy (I though he looked like a cyborg too). OMG, he made a pipe made of Ryouko’s bones. Creepy.

Another wow, I guess we just stumbled on the Sherlock Holmes of Psycho-Pass. Kogami brought Akane to see a ex-professor named Saiga. The guy pretty much pinned Akane down from which prefecture she’s from to the fact that she can’t swim. He gave her a lecture on profiling (that we didn’t see). Seems like he used to teach to all the inspectors, but his courses were removed when students’ CC started to rise. I’m not surprised here.

I’m really starting to think that the old man Enforcer is Gino’s dad. It’s now confirmed that he was an investigator.

K ep 10

So Homra invades the school and starts searching everyone. Strangely, the school president doesn’t seems to be forced to stay put in one place. There is also a heavy green filter over the school “pictures” and I remember that when Spectre 4 wanted to investigate the place that they had to request ask permission from the Green King. With the pres saying that they have to protect the students, could she be the Green King?

So the Colorless Kings have different powers each generation. Might explain all the possessing/body-swapping I guess. Anna is a sweet little kid, but she sees Mikoto as a red glowing dude. Could she be a strain? The trio made it back to Shiro’s room to see it trashed. They then decide to save the kids in the school. The rest of the episode was a lot of blah, blah. The preview was interesting though, because we saw a new Sword of Damocles. Silver, with a gem for each King’s Color. Shiro was also glowing.

You know, since the plot picked up, the fanservice has really dropped. Well beside from boylove stuff between Reisi and Mikoto.

Shin Sekai Yori ep 10

Eurks. That was an ugly way of killing a “cat.”

A house illuminated by streaks of power crossing the sky
Powers at works

Saki found Shun, who has crazy powers now, I guess. He also starts to talk about stuff. Basically, people with powers are always leaking with their subconscious. The ropes surrounding the villages are meant to force people to leak outside. This is what created all the monsters and stuff.

Shun lost control and he’s responsible for all the twisted stuff around because his powers are leaking. He’s suffering from the Hashimoto-Applebaum Syndrom, aka karma-devil. The episode explanation made a lot of sense too, no fantasy here, just psychology.

The rest of the episode was a total tear-jerker.

Jormungand 21

Koko is into kidnapping scientists now. She kidnapped a professor in quantum optics, who traveled under heavy guard provided by the Alphabet Agency. Seems like Koko is also funding the “toy factory” run by Dr. Minami, at the level of military armament development. All this is hidden from HLCI.

She’s also investing a high-tech company in quantum photonic networking in the red. Well, it sounded more like a disguised take-over to me.

She’s doing a world trip and stumbled upon Mr. Hinoki (the former Japanese secret services chief from a few episode back). He wants to talk to her, but the restaurant she picked had Book Man in it. She told her gang that food was on his tab. Ahahaha.

Looks like Koko is trying to build a quantum computer. The whole episode made her sound like Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes.

/facepalm. Book Man used a spy ship to peep at Dr. Minami, Karen Low and the kidnapped doctor for the episode beginning. They are using the thermal bath in the “toy factory.”

Now I have to wonder why all the quantum physics experts are women.

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