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A Very Magic Mike Open Thread

[Slightly NSFW .gifs after the cut.] Good evening, good evening, and welcome to your Magic Mike Tuesday. 

I’ll be your host and MC for this Internet evening, as we glide into the darkness above, hastened by grinding crotches, bumping behinds, and abs that make a lady say “Halleloo.” Dare I say more? Nay, m’ladies. I say, just feast your eyes below. Let us make this journey together.

Animated gif from Magic Mike of a shirtless Channing Tatum thrusting his hips

Yes bb, yes.

Animated gif from Magic Mike of Channing Tatum gyrating on the floor


Animated gif from Magic Mike of the cast stripping

I believe this is what they mean when they say ” I hath seen the light”


Animated gif from Magic Mike of Channing Tatum pulling down his pants to reveal his gorgeous ass in a thong

I have that same thong !


Animated gif from Magic Mike of Channing Tatum humping the face of a woman lying on the floor


Yes, yes, y’all is welcome. Well, that’s how I like to spend my Tuesday evenings. What about you kittens?

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First of all, I might have to run to Red Box now. I have been missing out.

Second of all, I’m having people over on Friday, and I’m looking for food and game suggestions! I’m super stressing about it at this moment because, hi there, social anxiety, thanks for showing up. I think I will feel better if I can at least decide what to make.

As for games, I have been dying to play Settler of Catan, but the friends I have who play usually do so without me. And apparently this weekend things got a little too heated. So I think I’m the only person left who wants to play. So I need alternatives! Apples to Apples is always good, but I’m a little tired of it, and I’m not sure any of us have it. Also, we have Candyland. And Bananagrams. Is that sufficient? Too much? I do not know. Cards Against Humanity is the inappropriate option but maybe not for this group.

I’m also stressing slightly about gender balance. I wanted to host something because it’s my turn and because it’s a good thing for me to learn to do without stressing a ton, but most of the guys who are coming are boyfriends of friends who don’t like to come to these things unless they know there will be other dudes there. This is fair because the ladies are all in grad school together. I would consider one of the guys a legitimate friend, but he said he might not come because he told another friend he might go to a thing. Which, okay, flakemeister, except that I asked him if that date would work for him and he said he was definitely coming, and that was before this other thing.* One of my friends is also planning on bringing one of the guys she’s dating, so it’s extra important that there is sort of a mixed crowd.

Basically, hosting things is hard. No wonder Martha Stewart has a reputation for being stressed as all get out.

* There is a situation there, and I thought it was resolved, and this makes me feel like it might not be resolved and that also sucks.

First off, try not to stress too much. I rarely host things or go to things…or leave my apartment…but I find the less expectation you have, the better. Certainly have a couple of activities planned but also go with the flow, as the kids say. You must make them play Candyland, though. That one is non negotiable.

Now for recipe suggestions:

Baked brie:
Bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos:
Warm bean dip:
Beer and pretzel cupcakes:
Milk chocolate cream cheese swirl brownies:

I volunteer as taste tester.

I am basically 100% guaranteed to make all of these at some point. The bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos probably will change my life. I’ve done an even lazier version of baked brie, too–it involves cutting the brie in half and just kind of sitting it on top of the croissant. And it is always fancy.

Also, it is actually helpful to be told not to stress, even though it’s super obvious.

I’d recommend looking up Bohnanza, it’s fairly easy to pick up if you read the instructions thoroughly before guests arrive and it encourages simultaneous cooperation and screwing one another over, depending on the mood of the group. So far as food, pick up chips and salsa and an awesome veggie tray. Our gatherings also usually include a rotisserie chicken, because if booze is involved, it’s nice to have something salty and not totally decadent but still tasty. Hope that’s somewhat helpful!

Oooh, I love Bohnanza! It’s super exciting that you know what this is! My roommates and I used to play it all the time, and I almost totally forgot about it.

Also, that is helpful, because… it’s game night, not a dinner party, and there is a reason I’m not having a dinner party, for real.

A friend of mine introduced me to a really fun (and fairly simple) party game a few months back. It combines catchphrase and charades. Basically you take a bowl and some scraps of paper. Have everyone right down random things (book titles, people, anything that could be in a word game). Then you break into two teams and get ready for three rounds of fun. In Round 1 you can use words and gestures to get your team to say the word (i.e. the catchprase portion). In Round 2 you can use only one word to describe it and any gesture. Then in round three it’s only gestures allowed (charade rules). Each team gets one minute per round to get as many clues right (you can either have one person go through them all and have the team guess, or have each person read for one clue). The round ends after all the clues are gone, and if a team has time left, then they get to start the next round with that amount of time so they don’t lose out. It’s super fun and can be tailored to your group’s interest. We had loads of fun, and it sparked lots of laughs and conversation. I hope I explained that well enough and that it helps.

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