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Are You Rooting for a TV Villain?

I was watching my trusty old re-run of Beverly Hills 90210 last night when I had a change of heart. Kelly Taylor was supposed to be the heroine, the girl who everyone loved and who always did the right thing; back in the day, I subscribed to this idea, but as I watched her take on a holier-than-thou attitude for what seemed like the 90th time that episode, I decided that she was annoying and that Valerie Malone, her mortal enemy and the alleged villain of the show, was totally right: Kelly did suck. 

Since I watch the re-runs all the time on SoapNet, I’ve probably seen each episode no less than 40 times (slight exaggeration). While Valerie did do some crappy things ““ she attempted to break up Kelly and Brandon multiple times, lied to her married boyfriend about being pregnant and having an abortion, etc. ““ she wasn’t that awful. At the very least, she was loyal to the people she loved. I was able to overlook her “badness” because I was so irritated by how everyone treated her. It seemed like she was always getting ragged on for how many men she slept with, how she ran her business, what she wore, everything. It didn’t seem fair or justified, which is why I had no qualms rooting for the alleged villain.

Villains usually wind up making shows a lot more exciting, and for that, I thank them. Who is your favorite villain? Are there are any new ones on shows that you would like to recommend?

By Catherine

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The Sheriff of Nottingham on the BBC Robin Hood series. He never really seemed to have any purpose for his evil, but it made him so HAPPY. There was no higher plan, other than, “make everyone miserable for fun and KILL ROBIN HOOD.” And as the merry band of outlaws got more annoying as the seasons went on, and after they killed Maid Marian, I wanted to see him win and murder all of the merry men. Because it made him so happy!

Justified just started back up again and I love Boyd Crowder. He’s evil and manipulative, but he’s played so well by Walter Goggins, I can’t help but kind of root for him.

Also, Goggins needs an Emmy.

Under the guilty pleasures category, Klaus from Vampire Diaries is another one.

Oh, definitely Regina in Once Upon a Time. You think she’s this totally horrible person when the show starts and then when you find out about what kind of life she had and how she got to where she was, you feel sorry for her and want her to redeem herself. You root for her when she does good things but get pissed at her when she does something awful, but at the same time, in some situations, she’s the one who does what needs to be done.

And Rebekah in Vampire Diaries. You just want something good to happen to Rebekah.

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