Ask a Science and Math Nerd

It’s time again for you to tell me what science and math topics you’d like to learn more about.

While I won’t pretend to be an expert, I do love learning new things and making them easier to understand. What topics would you like to read more about? What questions do you have? Heard anything confusing that you’d like to have clarified? Have a favorite subject you’d like others to learn more about? Hit the comments below with your requests, then look out for answers in future columns!

Photo of Neil deGrasse Tyson captioned Dat Ass Trophysics
A present for my lovely readers!

By [E] Hillary

Hillary is a giant nerd and former Mathlete. She once read large swaths of "Why Evolution is True" and a geology book aloud to her infant daughter, in the hopes of a) instilling a love of science in her from a very young age and b) boring her to sleep. After escaping the wilds of Waco, Texas and spending the next decade in NYC, she currently lives in upstate New York, where she misses being able to get decent pizza and Chinese takeout delivered to her house. She lost on Jeopardy.

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Ah! That picture was placed perfectly in the break! I love it!

Consequently, I’d love to know more about cool physics and math things. Okay, it’s not a question, but in school I always loved the numbers that are patterns that guys in medieval times figured out because there was nothing else to do… like how Fibonaci’s number mimics/creates spirals, Pascal’s triangle. But I only remember that stuff vaguely now and would love an update.

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