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What makes someone a feminist? Let’s find out, shall we?

So, Beyoncé did this photo-spread in GQ. And it was sexy. In it, Beyoncé delivers some feminist rhetoric. The author asks: is posing in your underwear for a men’s magazine feminist? The Guardian

Irin Carmon (who wrote for a certain Lady Blog when it wasn’t so embarassing) writes about why people are so pissed about Manti Te’o but no one is saying a thing about the suicide of Lizzy Seeberg, who committed suicide soon after being intimidated by some Notre Dame football players. Salon

The L Magazine has a great article on the still male-dominated side of indie music. Well worth the read. The L Magazine

Not strictly ladyblog news, but relevant to many of your interests: Ryan Gosling likes to knit. And this is not my fantasy. Access Hollywood (I laughed as I typed that.)

To makeup or not to makeup? That is the (feminist) question. SkepChick

If you have issues with Lena Dunham and Girls, please read this review from Racialicious. It’s good.

What is porn for women? Inquiring minds want to know. Slate

Because you do want to know this, here are the details on FLOTUS’ inauguration outfit. Buzzfeed

Say what you will about Beyoncé in GQ, her performance at the inauguration was flawless and made me tear up and feel very patriotic. And honestly, if you can give a perfect performance of the Star Spangled Banner at the inauguration and pull it off flawlessly, you are a professional and deserve a lifetime of applause.


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I’ve never considered Beyonce a feminist. She’s a savvy (and some would say, cutthroat) businesswoman who latches onto a trend and rides it for all its worth. Feminism is just another trend for her. She’s gone from R&B dreamgirl to Independent Women to Cater 2 U to Who Run The World (just remember the refrain in that song: “I’m just playin, baby”). Rihanna’s good at that too (Bouncey = good girl power, Riri = bad girl power). Zooey Deschanel, Rosario Dawson, Kerry Washington and Lena Dunham are feminists. Katy Perry is a feminist in denial.

HA! I loved the Jacky St James interview. I also hate the “porn fir women” line if thought. I’ve enjoyed porn since I was introduced to it in college ( ftw). But I’m not sure I like her insinuation about the rom-com narrative stuff as being “porn fir couples”. I still watch hardcore porn with Boyfriend on occasion, sometimes on my own if he’s not around. Being a couple does not preclude a lack o f porn-lovin’s.

Apparently she lip-synced it?

Sorry to spoil the party, but in any case no-one can say Beyoncé isn’t a professional.
I liked Feministing’s take on the GQ thing too:

I mean, of course Beyoncé is half-naked on the cover of GQ. Kinda like how she is in many of her music videos. Kinda like basically every other pop star today….. Beyoncé’s image–which, yes, is damn sexy–is part of her multimillion-dollar career. Call me if Hillary Clinton starts doing strip dances for the Austrian ambassador or something, and maybe we’ll stage a feminist intervention.

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