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Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Here’s what we read last week. What did you read?

Really, really good question: why does GQ’s Hottest Women List have separate categories for Indian and Asian ladies? That’s their classification system, not ours. Slate

Iris van Herpen is a fashion designer. Her latest collection was done using a 3D Printer. I think it’s worth knowing about her for many reasons: a) she’s a lady; b) she’s a lady who loves tech; c) she’s a lady who has created a collection that meditates on the idea of women, technology, art, and commercialism. Dazed Digital

Rebecca Solints writes a stirring and upsetting piece about the world-wide epidemic of rape. Guernica

High-fashion takes A LOT of time and effort by many craftspeople, many of whom happen to be women. Plus, it’s cool. This video details how couture gets made. Buzzfeed

RookieMag has a very good article on queer sex. RookieMag

HelloGiggles has a first person account of being polite and being touched inappropriately. It describes one of those instances that we are ALL too familiar with of a dude doing something creepy and in your head you’re going, “This isn’t right. I’m not comfortable with this. Please stop,” but what comes of your mouth is a jumble of social-niceties because you are a lady and ladies have it into their head that they have to be polite even if someone is being creepy. HelloGiggles

PCOS is getting a new name. Jezebel

Five lessons from Liz Lemon. Huffington Post

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I’m not sure how I feel about PCOS getting a new name. I guess I care less about the name and more about the fact that no one knows WTF it is and the information out there is all wonky.

(Like how doctors will just throw birth control pills at you and tell you not to be fat even though being fat is a SYMPTOM and not a cause of it. I just. Ugh.)

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