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Dispatches from Ladyblogland Love the Comments

The first week back and we’ve got articles on Internet trolling, BMI, The Hobbit, Harlem Renaissance Style, and so much more. 

Animated gif from Community of Shirley saying "the lord is testing me"
What Gawker comments make me do.

Kokatu tells us about this one dude who offers instruction on how to troll certain ladies in online video games. The article is good and critical of the practice, but as with all things Gawker, avoid the comments. Unless you want a rage-stroke, in which case, go ahead! Kokatu

On the Internet, no one can tell you’re actually a cat. The Mary Sue

Intention vs. reality: why BMI is not just a tool. SkepChick

Slate continues to kill it in ladyblogbland with this great analysis of whether The Hobbit needed a token woman in Galadriel. Slate

Looking for style inspiration? Rookie has a great post on style in the Harlem Rennaisance. RookieMag

Young girls and sex on the Internet: who wins and what to do? The F Word

This article on doctors not listening to patients was very interesting to me because when my mom was my age, which would have been in the late ’70s, she experienced some very serious symptoms and no doctor would listen to her. She was just another hysterical female. She eventually worked out, almost on her own, that she had a form of thyroid disease called Hashimoto’s, which is very easily managed by taking a small, relatively inexpensive pill every day for for the rest of her life. If you think something’s wrong, it probably is. If your doctor won’t listen, go elsewhere. Hello Giggles

Why do girls tend to get better grades than boys? BuzzFeed Shift

France is talking about more strictly regulating the pill because of blood clot risk. Huffington Post Women

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I somehow still haven’t made it to see The Hobbit, but I just reread the book and was confused about having seen Galadriel in the previews. It totally irritates me that Tolkien didn’t have a single female character in the entire book, but adding one token women just so you can say you did seems patronizing. Of course, if she hadn’t been added and there were no women at all, people would have been just as pissed. When the source material is sexist, you can’t really win either way.

I thought she stood out especially because there’s so few women in the background scenes. There’s a handful of female elven musicians and some female dwarves in flashback, but otherwise, The Hobbit is a big sausage fest. I probably would have been satisfied if they had just bumped up the female extras some.

I say this, not being a major Hobbit fan in the least.

Seriously. Boyfriend brought that one to my attention because he does online gaming things and that was a thing he and his friends were talking about. I do think that trolling online really calls for us to expand our definition of what violence is when it’s not actually physical.

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