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Lunchtime Poll: Now You’re Just Some Food That I Used to Hate

Sometimes tastes change.

Is there any food that you used to hate but now love?

Mine is Brussels sprouts. Even as recently as a few years ago, the very smell used to make me want to ralph, but now I cook them and I can’t get enough. I want to eat ALL the sprouts.

What about you?

By [E] Liza

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9 replies on “Lunchtime Poll: Now You’re Just Some Food That I Used to Hate”

I used to hate hamburgers because I’d had too many that were just burned and dry gray meat. Noy I like them so long as they’re seasoned and juicy. There’s still no way in hell I’d order a McDonald’s burger or anything like that, but make it Five Guys and I’ll be stuffing my face.

Brussels sprouts. Tomatoes. Asparagus. Avocados. Lima beans. I was not a super picky eater as a kid, but I hated all of those things and like them now.

Still cannot drink orange juice with pulp or eat Honeydew melons or cantaloupe. Eeeeeeew.

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