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Lunch Time Poll: Bottles or Cans?

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I am a die hard soda drinker, and there are a lot of areas for debate in the world of carbonated soft drinks. Soda or pop? Coke or Pepsi? Diet or regular? 

What I am curious about today is your preferred method of beverage delivery. I have been buying two liter bottles more and more lately, because they are cheaper and there’s less to recycle. When I am being super virtuous, I stick with the Sodastream, because there is no waste and bubbly fruit juice is better for me than soda. However, I can not deny that my absolute favorite drink in the whole world is a cold Mountain Dew in a can. The hiss and crack of opening a can, that first drink of cold sweetness, it’s like nothing else.

How about you? Tell me about your favorite way to enjoy a frosty beverage.

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13 replies on “Lunch Time Poll: Bottles or Cans?”

Diet Coke in a can, the colder the better. So good! It’s just not the same out of bottles… it’s not as “crisp,” if that makes sense. Next in the hierarchy would be Diet Coke out of a soda fountain, then plastic bottles dead last. Far, far below the Diet Coke hierarchy are things like Diet Pepsi and Coke Zero. A while ago when we were trying to save money, we started buying store brand diet sodas, and they were generally awful.

I prefer glass bottles because that is what I grew up with in Africa. What I liked about their system is that you would buy a crate of soda (which I think was 20 bottles) to bring home. After drinking all the soda, you would bring the crate and empty bottles back to the store, which gave you a slight discount and the empties were sent back to the bottling factory where they were sterilized and reused. I think it’s a great system!

Oh I used to looove the glass returnable bottles when I was living in Belize for a while, they were all scratched and whatnot from so much reuse. Plus pretty much every other country I’ve lived in used real sugar in their sodas, making them taste infinitely better. Or maybe it was just the cold glass bottles on the 95F days…

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