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Lunchtime Poll 1/14/2013: How Do You Like Your Coffee?

Good Monday, Persephoneers! Mondays in my world always call for coffee – the more, the better. I’m a simple girl – give me two creams in my cup of joe and I’m all set. How do you take your coffee?

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I learned to drink coffee in a college dorm, right after I learned I was lactose intolerant, and before there were decent artificial sweeteners, so I got used to the equivalent of unadulterated hot paint thinner. However a few years ago I discovered soy milk, so now I brew coffee which I mix half regular, half decaf (Trader Joe’s Smooth ‘n Mellow), with a splash of vanilla soy milk. However, in the summer, I like iced coffee black.
And thanks for starting this – how fun to see the wide variety of answers!

There is a latte machine at work that I usually use (with a dash of cinnamon on top!), but otherwise, I just like a little flavored creamer in my coffee at home. This is the daily coffee grind (ha!) that I stick to, but if I’m buying coffee out and about, I tend to like things like peppermint mochas or hazelnut lattes.

Black – the way my mother drank it. She said she drank it that way so that when she got refills she never had to adjust the milk/sugar ratio again. So I learned to love coffee black and I can’t stand it with cream and sugar. yuk. Related: I also drink my Scotch neat.

If it’s good coffee, black. If it’s bad coffee, with a splash of milk.
Whenever I find out that people like sugar in their coffee (like my boyfriend who takes three sugars per cup), I’m always shocked. I can’t understand how people can like sugar in coffee. I think it always tastes like butt.

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