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Lunchtime Poll: A Whole New World

In the course of a couple of months, I’ll be leaving my hometown behind and moving abroad with my family. I believe, as a kid, I had those fantasies about taking off and living someplace else, someplace different than where I was though I can’t recall any specifics about where I wanted to be aside from not here. In college, I was lucky enough to study abroad in Japan, where I ended up because the program was in English and my financial aid would cover my tuition. I loved it.  I’d go back in a heartbeat. But it wasn’t my fantasy destination.  So here I am, packing up to move to a place that not only isn’t my ‘fantasy destination’, but was never even on my radar as a place I’d even visit as a tourist. I’m excited, I’m a little anxious, and more than a little perplexed about the turns my life has taken.

So, all this thinking has got me thinking; where is your fantasy destination? Where would you love to live if life wasn’t an impediment?

By [E] Slay Belle

Slay Belle is an editor and the new writer mentor here at Persephone Magazine, where she writes about pop culture, Buffy, and her extreme love of Lifetime movies. She is also the editor of You can follow her on Twitter, @SlayBelle or email her at

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