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Lunchtime Poll for 1/11/13: Hobbies

I’ve always had lots of hobbies. 

Many of those hobbies have never resulted in a completed project, but that never stops me from taking on something new. I’ve tried my hand at scrapbooking (I’m terrible at it), sewing (too impatient), making fan art for cult TV shows (I can always find time for that), and even a bit of model rocketry. I am a woman of all seasons. Or something.

How about you? When you find some free time, do you pick up a hobby? What cool things have you done or made?

Mixed media collage, available through Creative Commons licence.
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By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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I pass in and out of hobbies, like most people. Reading is my only constant. But, I can sew, I can bind books, I can cross stitch curse words, I bake like a mofo. I’m looking ahead to the next year or so in a strange land and wondering what hobbies I should get into now or plan to take with me, since I won’t be able to move as freely abroad as here.

I mean, there’s always napping, but I probably need something a little more creative than that.

At some point last year (I can’t be sure when exactly as time has created some sort of vortex where I can’t quite remember how old I am, let alone what I was doing in a particular month), I picked up some polymer clay. And now I’m obsessed. I’m still not very good when it comes to sculpting, but I find if I go for a few days without sculpting my hands start to twitch.

Currently, I’m about three-quarters through my first attempt at a human figure (Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service) and despite some issues (I still haven’t found a glue that actually works well), I think it’s coming along swimmingly.

I want to branch out into epoxy putty (Milliput and Apoxie Sculpt have both caught my eye, for different reasons) some time soon as most toy prototypes are made with strong stuff than polymer clay (if you are interested, I use Sculpey III, Premo, and Fimo for food miniatures and larger models are made with a 50-50 combo of Sculpey Firm and Super Sculpey and then painted in acrylics).

I’m actually thinking about trying to make some money off my hobby this point, if only because I’m running out of shelf space for my miniatures.

See what I told you though? Obsessed. Totally obsessed. I could talk about what other tools I want, clays I want to try and just general nonsense forever.

It’s okay! I’m actually really interested in this. I’ve tried Sculpey and Fimo, and had a BLAST with it. I’ve played with epoxy, too, and it’s even cooler than polymer. Plus, it’s easier to use in a mold, which is good for me, because I have as much of an artist’s eye as that rock over there.

Would you want to write a Ladyguide for us on polymer clay?

I’d love to write an article about polymer clay. I mostly do miniatures and sculpture work, so I don’t have a lot to say in certain areas like caning or skinner blends, but a general overview of polymer clay and the tools involved is totally doable.

The most recent one is digital altered art/art journaling, which I found when I wandered off the digital scrapbooking path (the icon I use is a prime example – it started life as a photo of Donna Reed, and I, er, fixed it up).

These days all my hobbies are digital, mostly because it’s way easier to simply save a file and close it as opposed to putting away a metric fuck ton of sewing/embroidery/quilting/crafting/baking supplies.

But I have an empty room that I swear will be turned into my craft room this year. I really want to get back to using my hands to make something, rather than a hand on a mouse.

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