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Lunchtime Poll for 1/29/13: Snow or No?

I am so sick of the snow.

Yes, I get that because of where I live, it’s an inescapable fact of life, but I hate it. I find it pretty for about three seconds, and then my mind turns to all of the ways that it’s making my life a giant pain in the neck.

What say you, Persephoneers? Do you love the snow, or hate it with all your heart like I do?

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I love snow–because it’s still pretty novel around here–but we only ever got a light dusting this year–once, maybe twice. I was sad. :( Lots of snow up north and lots of snow in the mountains, but not much in Seattle or on the eastside. Maybe next year!

I’m not a fan of snow. Luckily I live in the south so I rarely have to deal with it but when it comes, even just a smidge, it is a major pain in the ass.

Silver lining, I stay home from work.

Dark shadow, that’s now exactly how I like to use my vacation days.

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