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Lunchtime Poll: How About That Local Sports Team?

According to my Facebook feed, there was some sort of championship football something or other that happened this weekend. I’m not sure. I was napping.

I live in a very sports-oriented area of the U.S.. If you aren’t a fan of the local professional teams, you’re looked upon with suspicion and fear. If you express that you’re kind of OK with the local team losing because then at least people will find something else to talk about for the next few weeks? Well, in retrospect, maybe I should have kept that to myself.

Are you a pro sports fan? Do you support local teams, or do you hold allegiance to another city’s players? Do you care even the itty bittiest who’s playing in the Super Bowlâ„¢©®? Or do you, like me, just plan on taking advantage of game time to go grocery shopping in a nice, empty store?

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I like watching football, but don’t have a particular team I follow. My mom is a hardcore Miami and Oakland fan, so I usually root for those teams when I see the games on TV. I find myself rooting against teams more often than not. I may have squealed in delight that NE lost b/c I loathe the Patriots.

I follow rugby: it’s complex, it’s tactical, it’s exciting, and physical. I had to persuade one of my local pubs to show a crucial Heineken Cup match this weekend… worth it though.
I’ve even been known to write about it…
I can’t get into American football at all though.

Cannot abide golf, cricket, darts, snooker… I have a short attention span.

If I have nothing else to do I’ll watch football, plus Boyfriend is a big sports-watching guy. I can take it or leave it, especially now the Patriots got knocked out this weekend (being in MA, it’s the only team you can root for). I’ll probably end up watching it anyway as an excuse to consume beer and wings and yell at things while in a bar. I might also bring my knitting. Because I’m cool like that.

The Titans have been mediocre or bad for so long, making fun of them isn’t much fun anymore. But I like the idea of a Baltimore/SanFran Super Bowl. I have a photo of me and my kids with the Raven’s SB trophy from 2000 that I pull out every year at this time.

(p.s. #GoBigBlue #WeAreUK)

I like football, but it’s such a time sink to watch and I got so sick of losing Sundays that I just can’t be bothered with any-non Super Bowl® games. Plus playoffs have put my birthday on the back-burner for so many years. Any other sports I really don’t care about at all, although I can be talked into attending the occasional baseball game for the food.

I have no particular team alliance per se; I could never get into my home team (Redskins), and even though I should love the nearby-to-home Ravens (Poe-related name, purple and black), I’ve never gotten into them. My current ‘home’ team of Panthers really doesn’t work for me either. If anything was ‘my’ team, oddly enough it’d be the Bills. I usually rooted for the Saints because they were my (ex?) husband’s team.

Of the things I doubt I will ever understand about Mr. Juniper, his love of the Super Bowl is one of them. For a man who isn’t generally remotely interested in sports, he gets terribly excited about the Super Bowl and does his utmost to fight his medication for a night in order to watch it. The only reason I care remotely about the event is that he has his Patriots (..?) shirts which are big and comfy: ie, perfect for “borrowing”.

As for me, I do get interested if the Scottish rugby team are involved, it has to be said.

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