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Lunchtime Poll: Messes

Today we are sharing stories about the nastiest thing you have ever found in your house. Twice, in the last few days, I have had moments when my inner Martha Stewart has cried out that I must not be fit to mix with polite society because of the things I have found lurking out of sight. 

The first time was while I was cleaning my bedroom. I discovered a lost pile of laundry in the closet that one of my cats had turned into the mystical land of Craptopia. It was an epic pile of turds, but it gave me an idea for my newest imaginary T-shirt:

Yellow t-shirt with text reading "I discovered Craptopia, and all I got was a lousy pile of poo."

My next moment was yesterday evening, when we discovered that things can get swept under the stove. My son couldn’t close the drawer, so he pulled it out and found ten years’ worth of junk under there, including two cookie sheets and a 9″x13″ cake pan I haven’t seen in about five years. I vented my horror on the pans with some steel wool. They could now be used to slay Medusa, should she appear in our kitchen.

mess under the stove, including cookie sheets, a cake pan, potholder, and assorted garbage
There was also a large serving spoon and a bread knife.

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My former roommate, affectionately(?) known as Bitchface, used to leave dirty underwear (sometimes with skid marks) on the bathroom floor. She also attracted roaches to her room and mice all over the place.

So I guess the grossest thing I’ve ever found in an apartment was actually a person.

The lowest blow to the pride of my smug inner domestic goddess, a persona with grandiose illusions considering the state of my kitchen, a type of Victorian “lean-to,” was the time I discovered slugs had invaded the cutlery drawer. Truly I thought my life had gone to pot.

One of our cats will pee on dirty laundry if he can get to it. I find it infuriating, but the husband always takes it as a sign of protest for a litter box in need of attention, so I guess good comes out of it? Still gross. :P

We found a ton of mold in a closet once. In our old apartment, there was poor insulation/ventilation, so condensation would form on the inside walls. Our spare room was used for storage, particularly the closet, so it was the perfect place for mold to grow. That was an appalling discovery, but thank God for bleach! It came right off, and it never came back while we were there.

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