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Lunchtime Poll: Oatmeal

Today’s question is straightforward enough: do you like The Oatmeal? Why or why not?

Inman and his webcomic seem to incite passionate opinions, people either love him or hate him. Personally, I like his work. I don’t love everything he’s done, but I have yet to encounter a comedian whose every joke makes me laugh. And, as an added bonus, he taught me how to use a semicolon while making me laugh. That makes for a thumbs up in my book.

If you are unfamiliar with The Oatmeal, or if you would rather talk about something else, tell me instead how you feel about ¬†oatmeal as a breakfast food. I don’t have it very often, but I like it pretty plain, with a little brown sugar and some cinnamon.

bowl of oatmeal with bananas
I’ll have to try bananas next time. That looks pretty darn good.

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3 replies on “Lunchtime Poll: Oatmeal”

I have mixed feelings about The Oatmeal. There are definitely comics on the site that make me laugh, but there are also some fairly offensive ones on there. Once he made a joke about “raping” one of the keys on his keyboard, it really turned me off from the site in general. This isn’t to say that he hasn’t put together some pretty hilarious stuff, but I have a hard time supporting anyone when they make rape jokes.

I’m not a big follower, but most of the stuff I have read from there is pretty entertaining. The semi-colon, the use of the word “literally”, all the misspelled words… Okay, so I love his humor with grammar-related things most of all (much like I love Hyperbole and a Half’s take on the Alot). But I honestly have no strong feelings either way.

Oatmeal the food, however, I do have strong feelings about: it is fantastic. Swirl a little peanut butter and hot cocoa mix in there. It’s like a healthy breakfast peanut butter cup.

Eh… I thought it was okay at times, used to be a fan, but he does tend to foam at the mouth a bit much. Sometimes it’s hard to separate a person from their work, and when you know someone can be/is a jerk, it can taint them. Thus why I despise Dilbert now.

As for the morning substance… it’s odd, I’ve never been able to bring myself to eat oatmeal in its breakfast form (breaks my food rule of ‘stuff that looks like it was already eaten’). But oatmeal cookies? I am ALL about oatmeal cookies (preferably without raisins). I guess as long as it’s not soggy (which would be related to my first food rule: ‘no soggy bread’) it’s all good!

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