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Lunchtime Poll: Slumber Parties

This past weekend, I hosted a slumber party for my daughter’s birthday. We had five little girls between the ages of 6 and 8 in our house for roughly 18 hours, and it was exactly as much fun as it sounds.

Animated gif of a yawning kitten.
Sleepovers are not as cute as this.

I’m not gonna lie, by the time they left, I didn’t care if I never saw another little girl ever again. Everyone cried at least once, everyone ran through the house screaming at least once, we had to police the dogs constantly because they decided that one girl must be in league with the demon UPS man, my daughter had a moral crisis about what makes a good friend, and within ten minutes of reminding everyone to be careful with their drinks, I had to take two sleeping bags down to the dryer because they had water spilled on them. My friend, a fellow mom, and I looked at each other at one point and said, “I don’t remember sleepovers being this dramatic, do you?” Seriously, the craziest thing I remember doing was sneaking down to the kitchen for Oreos after the adults were asleep.

Were we just viewing the past with rose colored glasses? Do you remember slumber parties being high-volume madness and mayhem, or were you more inclined to low-key gatherings? What was your favorite thing to do at a sleepover?

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I think I only went to a few slumber parties as a child. I wasn’t a huge fan. I do remember signing up some girls we didn’t like for promotional information from Craftmatic adjustable beds and various other 4a.m. infomercial products.

Like PoM, I did like having sleepovers when it was with just one other friend.

I hated slumber parties HATED THEM. I would tell my mom to say she was being super strict and say I had leave by 10. I hated the cattiness, the sleepless night, and hated having to stay all morning just so we could eat some freakin’ pancakes. I just wanted to be home, reading a book and snuggling with my cat.

Not all that much different from how I am today!

Because my sister and I have birthdays within a couple of months of each other (June, August) and because we shared a lot of the same friends growing up, we often threw joint birthday slumber parties which would inevitably be about 8 little girls. There wasn’t always drama, but there was still drama here and there. We would want to put on a play and then we would fight over parts. Nothing too big, and we all made up fairly easily, but there was still an element of chaos.

In comparison, the last sleepover I was a part of (with a bunch of the youth girls from church) was super tame. We ate snacks, painted our nails, watched a bunch of movies, and talked, and there were no fights, no gossiping about people who weren’t there, no drama at all. It was heavenly. :)

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