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Lunchtime Poll: What About the New Year?

Welcome back all, we’ve missed you! Let’s hang out around the water cooler and chat about the holiday.

Ours was good and fun. There was family drama, of course, but it was minimal and far outweighed by the good stuff. In a strange coincidence, Mr. B and I both surprised each other with Firefly memorabilia for Christmas, which was awesome. (He got a replica of Mal’s pistol and I got a hand-painted Kaylee parasol.)

New Year’s Eve was low key; sushi, Netflix and a countdown to midnight without Dick Clark. I had high hopes for 2012, but it was a pretty rough year. However, for me at least, all the crap I waded through last year seems like it has made way for some good stuff in 2013. That is what my optimistic nature is telling me, and I’m going to roll with it.

How about you, do you have a resolution you are trying to keep? Any predictions for the new year? Tell me all about it.

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It seems that a lot of people had a crappy 2012. Here’s to hope and wonder of 2013! New Years eve was enjoyable with friends and then family. I like living on the west coast because the kids see the ball drop at 9 pm and go to bed….sorry for east coasters who don’t have that luxury and have to stay up till midnight.

We had a party. And because my boyfriend is both brilliant and bizarre, he stayed up from 5:30am to 9am, cleaning – after the party, when he was still so drunk I doubt I would have trusted him to open a door. I woke up at 11:30am and the house was 2/3rds cleaned, and he was snoring, and all I had to do was the dishes. He’s a keeper.

Oh, and for January I am not drinking. At all. I have to say I don’t think I have done this since I was about 17 (and almost certainly not since I was legally able to drink at 18) so ve shall zeee how it goes.

Oh gosh. I’d completely forgotten that P-mag was back – it’s still the holidays, after all!

My resolutions are, I think, pretty minimal. I’ve started (which sounds ridiculous, since it’s just the 2nd) a diary. It’s something Mr. Juniper does and I’ve seen how much good it does him. Second resolution is to keep on top of unfucking.

We did have a relatively good Christmas and New Year, however Christmas almost went awry due to horrific weather and Hogmanay was kicked off with a rushed visit to the GP with a feverish Juniper Junior. However, all has worked out. Christmas happened and the New Year came in with a fever that thankfully went down. As for what’s to come in 2013, it’ll be interesting to find out.

I’m glad to see 2012 off. It’s been a shittastic year.

I’m about halfway through my winter break, with 2 and a half weeks left. I feel like I’m slowly piecing myself back together. I’ve been working up the courage to take care of small things, a little bit at a time. Hopefully, by the time the semester starts again, I’ll be able to keep working toward getting myself back at 100%.

We got kicked out by the friends about a week ago, because the one friend just really wanted his space back and couldn’t deal with sharing it with us anymore. It was really stupid, because we are SO close to getting back on our feet again. But, in the meantime, we’re back at the BF’s parents’ house. The BIL and them are trying to be extra nice to us, but I still want to get the fuck out.

If all goes well with the apartment approval, we should be in our own space again on Saturday. To which I say, hell fucking yeah! Finances will still be tight for a bit, since the BF didn’t really have enough time to replenish our savings at all (with the holidays, he’s only had about a month’s worth of work thus far). I might not have internet for a week or so.

I hate how much, over this past year, our plans have been completely wrecked by circumstance and my mental health issues. But…we’re finally coming to a point where we can deal with things again. The prospects are at last starting to look a lot better.

Part of me doesn’t want to celebrate yet, cause things could still go awry…but I’m also so tired of worrying, and I just want to sit back and let the good things start to happen.

I appreciate it. :) It’s been hard, for sure. The closer it gets to the apartment giving us a for sure yes or no, the more stressed I feel. I do NOT want to spend any longer than necessary in this place, because I know the longer we’re here, the more chance there is for something to go wrong. This break was supposed to help me relax, not be full of stress and tears like my summer was. So…I’m still trying hard to rest and not worry too much.

During the holiday breaks, I’ve watched an awful lot of Buffy. I never watched it when it was on air–partly because of the whole being in Africa thing and partly because my mom never would have let me watch it because of the whole witch/vampire/demon/lesbian thing it has going on–so I’ve been watching through it now. I started the show maybe a year ago, and only just finished season 3 at the beginning of December. I’m now several episodes into the final season, and I’ve got to say, I really really REALLY love this show. (Please, no spoilers this close to the end!)

That’s been pretty much all I’ve done lately with my free time. Christmas was lovely although a bit scheduled out, so it was nice to have a second holiday weekend to recover! ;)

I did make a list of resolutions for this year–28 to match with turning 28–and I don’t think they’re too impossible to achieve. There’s the typical eat better, drink more water thing, and then there’s a few relationship resolutions, and then there are some hobby resolutions. All in all, nothing too crazy or overwhelming, just stuff that I can gradually work on throughout the year.

Also, I’m glad P-Mag is back and that the holidays are over so I can get back into the community. I dropped out of sight for awhile because it was really hard to balance everything with work and holiday stuff.

I know that’s why I didn’t get into it, at first. (I also had reservations about paying for an MMO, since before I’d only played F2P ones) But…that was 4 years ago. :)

For me, it’s really not that bad. I spend a lot of time on it, but if I wasn’t playing it, I’d be playing something else. I also still go do something else when I feel like it.

The main difference is, when I’m playing it, I’m less likely to go spend a lot of time elsewhere on the internet!

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