Mid-Week News: For The Hell Of It

Oh me, oh my. Welcome back, poodles. How I missed you over the holidays.

Here we are, back at the helm of reality (and what a helm it is) for another roundabout recap of all the week’s news that proves that our dear world is headed to hell in an embroidered handbasket. Force a smile, grimly gather round the old Persephone recap, and lament  with the best funny bone you got that our world? She is what we call in my mother tongue of “FUBAR.”  Either way, there will be good – yes, good, even in the bad. They want you to think it’s all bad so we will keep fighting amongst ourselves, and while it is partially true, there is also a lot of good in between. So gather up your wills and your wiles, let’s meet this week’s news head on with a brave face and a tight grip on sanity.

The New York Times reports that Syrian troops appeared to be mixing chemicals at two storage sites, potentially the deadly nerve gas sarin, and filling dozens of 500-pound bombs that could be loaded on airplanes. A global effort is now in the works to put a halt to the possible use of these chemicals against Syrian citizens. (NY Times)

Protests over censorship at one of China’s most liberal newspapers descended into ideological confrontation on Tuesday, pitting advocates of free speech against supporters of Communist Party control who wielded red flags and portraits of Mao Zedong. (NY Times)

Obama’s nomination of John Brennan as the new director of the CIA has many wondering if he has abandoned his original views on human rights. Brennan represents, human rights advocates said, their diminished influence and Obama’s increasing reliance on aggressive tactics against terrorism, including drones. (Huffington Post)

Is the Pentagon blocking LGBTQ sites?  Yes. (Mother Jones)

Will it get better? It has to get better, right? Kids, all I know is that life is scary and that looking at the news can be downright depressing. So hug tight to your teddy bears and hope for a better tomorrow, because kittens, I promise it will be.

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