Mid-Week News: Just Keep Swimming

Kittens, it’s Wednesday. That means we have survived a few more days, which is about as best as you can ask for these days if you gauge it by the way the world is tumblin’. But don’t feel so bad just yet: even as bad as it looks, we are diving into the mid-week news and looking at the good, the bad, the horrific, and like that nice little fish in the movie says, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” Join me for the latest?

Screencap from a news program of a woman holding her hands about 4-5 feet apart, with a caption at the bottom that reads "Marilyn Pickard saw big cat."
Marilyn understands the power of big media.

Three people were hit by gunfire on Tuesday afternoon in a shooting at Lone Star College in Houston. At least one suspect is in custody and four injured patients are in Ben Taub General Hospital. (NY Times)

The U.S. military has begun airlifting French troops and equipment from a base in southern France to Bamako, Mali, where French troops were reported to be in control of two important central Malian towns. (NY Times)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is calling for filibuster reform in the next 36 hours, as part of his pledge for a 2013 Senate agenda. No word on whether Republicans are willing to go through with the plan. (Huffington Post)

Israel is losing support over its most recent settlements. British foreign secretary William Hague warned the Israeli government that their actions were costing international support and that expanding settlements in 2013 will make compromise “impossible.” (Al Jazeera)

It’s the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Let’s keep fighting to not use Lysol for birth control, keep access alive in Mississippinot forget about the way it was, and see how far we still have to go. (Mother Jones)

Lord, have, and, mercy, the world is a deeply scary place, made bearable by moments of joy, love, and women who have spotted cats about as big as an adult trout. So remember, kids, when the news looks bleak, give someone a hug or maybe even a hello. Maybe call up Marilyn and ask if she’s seen that cat again. Because while the big picture can be pretty overwhelmingly awful sometimes, we certainly don’t have to be. So until our next delicious news recap, stay safe, stay informed, and remember the lessons of Marilyn.

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