Mid-Week News: News Soup For The Soul

Well, hello, hello, and hello – welcome back muffins. Oh, and kittens and poodles, and oh, just all of you cute little boodles. Here we are again, taking to the weekly mediated ether, highlighting the week’s events and news, the things that are enough to send us running for the hills and screaming for mercy. So, pop on your safety goggles, hold each other close and hug your teddy bear, because when the news gets heavy (and it usually does), at least we will be there for one another.

Not even chicken nugget power will get us through this bad news, Honey Boo Boo.

Sports organizations are encountering more questions regarding inclusion of athletes with disabilities – like whether or not they can compete with able-bodied athletes. (NY Times)

An explosion hit Aleppo University, a Syrian school, while students were taking exams on Tuesday.  Both the opposition and government blamed each other for the blasts, now considered one of the worst since the conflict in Syria began. Reports coming out have alleged that at least 50 people have been killed. (NY Times)

Obama is pushing for an assault weapons ban, which begs the questions: will it pass? Will the GOP support it? Will this gun violence package close loopholes and be a step forward in the right direction? (Huffington Post)

Meanwhile, the NRA is busy digging their own grave with things like “Practice Range apps.” (NPR)

War or intervention? France is said to be attacking militant terrorist groups in Mali, but are the air strikes helping or harming? Troops are expected to triple within the next few days. (The Guardian, Al Jazeera)

Like all good things in America, the post office is facing serious financial ruin. (The Guardian)


Remember kids, even when the shit looks dark and the dark looks like shit, which, considering some of these stories”¦ is a little bit of both, there is hope in”¦ well”¦ it’s there somewhere. Seriously. Don’t give up, kids. We have to make this work, even as scary as it may all seem. Think – how would Honey Boo Boo solve the gun law loopholes? How would she prevent the USPS from going under? Girl has got secrets like I got worries. So until next time kids, adiós. And remember: positive thinking.

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