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New Show Recap: Bones, Episode 8.12, “The Corpse in the Canopy”

Pelant is back and targeting Angela and Hodgins this time.

We get a “previously on” reminding us of the other Pelant-centric stories (“The Crack in the Code,” The Past in the Present,” and “The Future in the Past“) and that Pelant got off the last time by changing his identity to Bassam Alfayat and being handed over to the Egyptian authorities.

A baby is crying in Hodgins and Angela’s house and Hodgins wakes up, hazily. Something wet starts dripping on him: blood from the body caught in the canopy over their bed. Angela wakes up, screams, and runs to check on Michael Vincent, who is in his crib, surrounded with bloody flower petals. Booth and Brennan are on their way over; Hodgins found a hole in the air vent, confirming they were drugged. Brennan checks out the body, but since the skin, jaw, and genitalia have been removed, all she can tell is that it’s male. When Angela points out the petals were from an Egyptian crocus, they’re all sure it was Pelant. Hodgins thinks it’s because he almost killed Pelant and doesn’t want the crime teams out there. Angela agrees, wanting to get rid of Pelant. Brennan has no moral problem with that, but says that Booth is the only one with the skill to do it. Booth says they stay in the system, do it the right way. But in lockdown.

At the lab, the non-essential Jeffersonian staff are being given time off and fancy plates (which Caroline Julian describes as a high-tech tin foil hat) are being put up. Booth reminds the team that all conversations are on burner cells from now on out. Cam pulls some blood from Hodgins to see what gas was used. Brennan gets a better look at the body: Caucasian male, dead less than 24 hours, some small lesions and fragments (not related to Pelant). Brennan thinks she needs to figure out the logic of the cuts.

In his hideout, Pelant scans his own eye, adjusting a key card for Seberus Security”¦ full access.

Sweets, Booth, and Caroline are going over the case in Booth’s office. Pelant’s Egyptian alias has disappeared off the grid. Agent Flynn pokes his head in, guessing that it’s something to do with Pelant, but the team clams up. “If I were you, I would want all the help that I could get. But I’m not you,” Flynn remarks before leaving. Now is a good time to remind you that he gave an awfully strange look at the end of the last Pelant episode. When the Squints team finds that the lesions and fragments point to a Special Forces vet, Flynn helps them out by hooking Booth up with the classified Pentagon file of the only guy who matches: Xavier Freeman. Booth and Sweets go to check out his very spartan place and find his gun locker left open with loads of proprietary weapons. Booth says he must have been employed by Serberus, which specializes in ex-military high security.

Cam gives Hodgins the bad news that her hematologist couldn’t find anything in the blood sample. He tells her to put more resources on it, he’ll fund it, but she doesn’t know what to do next. Later, he has an idea and Angela finds him snorting lidocaine so that he can biopsy his lung. Angela tries to stop him and he admits the odds of finding something are slim. She suggests they double them and says he can biopsy hers, too. When the results are done, Hodgins finds a few stray molecules of a rare gas. The only two suppliers of it are both divisons of Cantilever, which is owned by Hodgins.

Cam and Brennan find that there were no poisons in Freeman’s system, but high levels of something suggesting he’d been tortured. Brennan finds needle marks leading to the conclusion that he was in intense pain for days until his heart gave out. Flynn and Booth go to Serberus, but the CEO won’t give them any info and Caroline Julian says she needs an actual reason to get them a warrant for Serberus.

A screencap from the tv show Bones: a closeup of the character Caroline Julian, making a determined facial expression
“Slow your roll, Seeley Booth.” Yes, I love you, Caroline Julian. Screencap via

Brennan gets a call from Pelant on her burner; he’s disappointed that she hasn’t read the body yet. He says she’ll be getting a hint soon. In the mailroon, a poor clerk opens a letter and finds a hairy finger. Booth is upset that Pelant’s unscrambled their signal and Hodgins gets out his enigma machines that Pelant can’t crack. Cam and Brennan find that the finger is from a barbary ape, leading them to a scientist that made human anatomy drawings, one of which resembled the corpse. There’s some errors in the cuts, though, leaving holes that line up with letters in the original illustration: MELYCU. The only scramble that makes sense is LYCEUM, but what does it mean?

A screencap from the tv show Bones: a man screams upon finding something gross.
Bad day for this mail room clerk. Screencap via

Hodgins finds Pelant’s new alias (through the Cantilever purchase records): Justin Trimple. They know they can’t search for him, though, because he’ll surely have that flagged. Angela thinks they can blast him with Nigerian 409 scam emails”¦ when she does, Pelant gets flooded with emails and blocks them all, but from that, Angela knows what server he’s using. Booth and Flynn bring that info to Caroline and she can get a warrant with that. The FBI tactical team shows up at Serberus, Booth’s had gatlings hidden behind gates for places they can’t station someone. Sweets wants to go in, but Booth says that he’s the only other person who understands Pelant, so if Booth doesn’t make it out, Sweets has to finish it. Inside, Pelant sees the building being surrounded on monitors. He goes into a server room and something changes to “remote systems armed.” He pulls out of the machine and leaves just as the FBI enters the room.

Downstairs, Flynn and Booth scan the monitors, but Pelant seems to be on all cameras at once. Booth asks the CEO where the off map escape route is and the CEO says it’s not in the blueprints, he wouldn’t know about it. Booth and Flynn run after Pelant into a boiler room. Pelant flicks some switches and opens a door. Booth and Flynn follow him in and the gatling guns go off, taking down Flynn. Booth pulls him out of the room, then gets a couple of shots off at Pelant (one splattering blood across the windshield), but the car keeps going.

Booth is regrouping and Flynn is being taken out on a stretcher, as the CEO informs him that every workstation on the 8th floor just went on, streaming numbers. Angela gets patched in, but the team at the Jeffersonian sees no logic. Booth recognizes them as quadrants for a target”¦ a MQ-9 Predator drone is on target for a girls’ school in Afghanistan and they’re locked out of it. The code LYCEUM gets them a video feed, but also starts more data being streamed. Hodgins recognizes the new data: it’s the passwords for all his accounts. Pelant is draining all of his money. If they shut it down, they lose the connection with the drone. Pelant is forcing him to choose: save his money or the girls. It’s not even a decision. Angela gets the drone to self-destruct just as all of Hodgins’ money is gone.

After it’s all over, Hodgins sits in the lab, eating a muffin. It was free, he wasn’t about to turn it down. Angela says they’ll be all right and jokingly says she saw a bag of frozen bagels that’s been downstairs for a week. Hodgins replies, “That’s breakfast!”

A screencap from the tv show Bones: the characters of Hodgins and Angela cuddle on a couch.
Greatest couple. Screencap via

Brennan is at home with Christine as Booth returns. He says that Flynn is stabilized. Booth is uneasy with waiting for Pelant to make the next move, but he’s sure that he at least wounded him.

In what appears to be a vet’s office, Pelant sutures his badly damaged face up. Cue menacing music. Where will Pelant go from here?

A screencap from the tv show Bones: the character Christopher Pelant sutures up the right side of his face, which is badly damaged.
Bravo to the makeup people. Yuck. Screencap via

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