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New Show Recap: Justified, Episode 4.01, “The Hole in the Wall”

Warning: Adult Language. Violence. Sexual content. Oh, Justified, how I have missed you!

Making cowboy hats look sexy since Deadwood.....
U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, Justified on FX

Seriously, folks, name me another show that will give you quotes from Isaac Asimov and John Maynard Keynes in one breath, snake handlers in the next, and then add in dialogue like, “She flashed her titties and scooted out the back,” and, “I’m nonplussed by your lack of motivation, Johnny.” I mean, really”¦ who except Boyd Crowder can make the word “nonplussed” sound cool?

Season 4 opens with a bit of real Kentucky history when a man falls out of the sky, scattering bits of his body and drug packages all over a nice quiet cul-de-sac. (If you’d like to do a bit of research and play along at home, Google Andrew C. Thornton, II.) As it turns out, Arlo, who is in jail for killing Trooper Tom, seems to know more about the 30-year-old mystery than he should. He’s got a bag that might hold evidence from that crime hidden in the walls of his house. Alas, the teenagers he sends to retrieve it for him are caught by Constable Bob (Patton Oswalt), a bumbling pseudo-legal authority whose main task (I’m calling it now!) will be getting someone shot this year. Hopefully, it won’t be Raylan, but given how fast and loose Justified has played with our favorite U.S. Marshal’s physical safety in the past, I wouldn’t bank on it.

Constable Bob being held at gunpoint.
Meet Constable Bob, he’s the one who got his ass kicked.

Raylan isn’t the only one facing a mystery, though. There’s a new preacher in town, the old-fashioned tent revival Bible-thumping snake handler Preacher Billy (Joseph Mazzello), who is saving souls and healing bodies with every million dollar bill he passes out. Since he’s also curing folks of their drug addiction, he’s also cutting into Boyd’s business. Ain’t gonna lie, I’m hoping for a Preach Off – it’s been way too long since I’ve heard Boyd sermonize. After that, don’t be surprised if Boyd does what Boyd does best: blow shit up. (Do I love Boyd? Yes. Yes, I do.)

The off-note for me in the season opener was the “Raylan is a dirty cop” thread. U.S. Marshals are not bounty hunters, but it seems that Raylan has been making a bit of money on the side hauling in fugitives for extra cash. There was a nice bookend to the scenes that showed both Raylan and Boyd stashing money in their separate hiding places, but while I expect (and love) that Boyd is a criminal, Raylan both metaphorically and literally wears the white hat. It will be interesting to see how showrunner Graham Yost plays this storyline out.

And I quote”¦:

“You run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. You run into assholes all day, you’re the asshole.”

So what did you think, Justifites? (I just made that up, unless someone else thought of it first.) What struck you most about the season opener? What are you hoping to see?

P.S. Yay, #TeamLindsay!


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I just read an article where they said they are rebooting this season and not having a Big Bad like they have in the past. It’s going to be a season-long mystery instead. I’m not quite sure what they mean.

I really hope Winona will not be back, but I’m not quite clear how that would play out considering that Raylan is about to be a father.

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