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New Show Recap: Justified, Episode 4.02, “Where’s Waldo?”

Sometimes, the most difficult part of writing these recaps is knowing where to start. Art, Tim, and Raylan on a stake-out? Family night at the Truth home? The much anticipated (by me, at least) preach-off between Boyd and Preacher Billy? For what it’s worth, I totally understand what Art was talking about – this episode gave me a marshal stiffy, too – and I don’t even have a badge!

Still from Justified on FX: Art, Tim and Raylan in bullet-proof vests
I’d let ’em cuff me. TMI?

So about that stake-out”¦ turns out Waldo Truth, the man belonging to the name on the ID in the bag Raylan pulled out of the wall at Arlo’s house, is a federal fugitive who just happens to have been pulling a disability check from the commonwealth of Kentucky for the last thirty years. Art is a bit perturbed to discover the man has been hiding in plain sight for so long and gears up for the aforementioned stake-out of Truth’s mailbox with Tim and Raylan. Well, for Tim and Art it’s a stake-out; for Raylan, it’s an opportunity for a nap, followed by jibes about why he’d be so tired. Unfortunately, Tim’s guess about Raylan doing some exotic dancing on the side is probably not true”¦ more’s the pity.

The stake-out proves worthwhile when a young teen on a bike shows up to remove Waldo Truth’s check from the mailbox. The kid immediately makes the federal officers and rides hell-for-leather back home, screaming that he’s being “chased by pervies” all the way. The tense stand-off at the Truth home ends when Mama Truth steps out on the porch and, for love of her grandbabies, tells her kids to put down their guns and invites the marshals in. I can’t tell you what the best part of the scene at the Truth house was: her tender “how we met” tale (don’t the best love stories always start with “this snatch is off limits”?), her oldest son smoking a joint (it’s okay, he’s “got the glaucoma real bad”) or the teenage boy pulling a gun on Raylan. Funny business aside (and it was awesome), the truth of the Truths finally comes out: the man who claims to be Waldo Truth is an imposter and no one has seen the real Waldo in 30 years. A few more pointed questions from Art lead him to the conclusion that the missing man is part of a decades old case involving another man named Drew Thompson, and spins us right back to the first scene of last week’s episode – the parachutist falling to his death in the cul-de-sac back in the ’80s.

Still from Justified: Boyd Crowder meets Preacher Billy
When we do altar calls, folks, We Do Altar Calls.

Boyd, meanwhile, is dealing with his own shit. (BTW, we are two episodes in and we’ve had no Boyd/Raylan interaction. I’m bummed.) Problem One: a dealer linked to Wynn Duffy is caught selling heroin on Boyd’s turf. Tsk tsk tsk. Problem Two: Preacher Billy is becoming a real nuisance. Not only has the drug trade dropped off even more as his tent revival meetings save more of Harlan County’s souls but he even managed to convince Ellen May to step off the path of wickedness and onto the road of righteousness. After Sheriff Shelby does some digging and finds out that Preacher Billy has a pattern of setting up in small communities until he’s paid to leave, Boyd decides to check out church services himself.

Oh, yes, boys and girls, we have ourselves a preach-off!!

Boyd and Billy play a few rounds of verse-to-verse until Billy pulls a fast one. Responding to Boyd’s accusation that he’s just there to pass the offering plate, the preacher smiles, steps back and swears that from that day forward, he’ll accept no more money from the community.

Boyd: 0
Preacher Billy: 1

Or, maybe not. Preacher Billy’s sister, Cassie, seems none too happy with this turn of events and Boyd has taken note of her reaction.

Lest we forget about Boyd’s Problem Two, Wynn Duffy and his eyebrows make a surprise appearance. Boyd wants to partner up and sell Duffy’s heroin in Harlan. Duffy didn’t get to be middle-aged by being stupid, though, and he doesn’t trust Boyd. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t even trust the way Boyd says that he can be trusted. Boyd thinks he’s holding an ace in the form of the drug dealer he caught but Duffy proves him wrong by pulling a gun and shooting the guy in the head. Well….all righty, then.

Still from Justified: Raylan and Lindsay
Apparently, Team Lindsay already has a captain.

With one last parting comment, though, Duffy sends Boyd sniffing on the trail of the bag in the wall, Arlo, and the 30-year-old mysterious dead parachutist.

Oh, wait: I forgot to mention that a dark stranger with an anger management problem showed up. Turns out he’s Lindsay’s husband. Remember Lindsay? The one sexing up Raylan? Yeah. You’d think she might have mentioned that little tidbit.

Are we having fun yet?

And I quote “¦ “On a scale of one to a shitload, how much do you need to tell me right now?”


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