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New Show Recap: Parenthood, Episode 4.14, “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back”

This week’s Parenthood moves ahead a few story lines, ignores a few, and brings Ryan back for a second chance at work and love. At the end of the episode, things are starting to get back to the way things where at the beginning of the season. Which is a good thing, because there’s only one new episode left.

The episode opens with Zeek’s phone ringing after hours. He tells Camille not to worry, and goes to meet Ryan at a bar. Ryan tells Zeek that he feels stuck, Zeek asks him how he’s going to fix it. His advice is for Ryan to work on a task that he can control.

Crosby does not look happy.
Crosby is sort of over his house guest.

At Crosby’s house, Renee is still there, and this morning she’s judging breakfast. Crosby tells Jasmine they need to tell Renee to butt out, Jasmine tells Crosby it’s not worth it to fight with her mother.

Sarah brings Drew’s paper to school and sees Mark. They make plans to talk. We don’t see Drew or Amy this episode.

Adam and Kristina’s happy moment with Nora is interrupted when Max storms home after learning that the vending machine issue is done, and they aren’t coming back. Max’s whole student council campaign was based on restoring the vending machines, and he is beside himself. Kristina takes on this cause, because, as she tells Adam, it’s something she can control. Her first step is to approach the alpha moms who had the machines removed last year and who believe the matter is not up for debate.

Julia and Joel continue to contemplate their future with Victor. After a sleepless night for Julia, Joel tells her they need to finalize Victor’s adoption. His confidence is counteracted by Julia’s total lack of confidence in the situation. The social worker seems to play into Julia’s fears when she senses her hesitation. She tells them they need to be absolutely sure, but also that they wouldn’t be the first couple to change their minds about a placement. What I want to know is where is the post-placement support. This is so not about Julia, and it bugs me that this is the angle the show is choosing to play up. ANYWAY.

At the job site, Ryan approaches Joel about coming back to work. Joel gives him the brush off, which dampens Ryan’s spirit, but he doesn’t make a scene as he leaves. Meanwhile, Amber’s talking to Camille about Ryan, and she learns that he’s been talking to Zeek. Amber goes to see Ryan, and tells him to bring Joel doughnuts the next time he sees him. The doughnuts work, and Ryan has a job once again!

At their coffee date, Sarah and Mark talk. Sarah apologizes for how things went down, and tries to make clear to Mark that she wasn’t sneaking around with Hank before they broke up, regardless of how it may have appeared. She then tells Mark about the kiss in the dark room, and he’s a bit taken aback. Mark goes to see Hank, and tells him that he’s going to work to get Sarah back. Oh Sarah. When Hank talks to Sarah, he tells her that he has feelings for her, and now he knows that Mark does too. He leaves the ball firmly in Sarah’s court.

Jasmine and Crosby agree to talk to Renee about the criticism she doles out on a daily basis, and while she appears calm, she’s really not. Renee is defensive, but offers a half-hearted apology, followed by the observation that,”It appears that the inmates are running the asylum.” She begins to take her meals in her room.

After a heart to hear with Crosby, Julia seems to have a new outlook on her relationship with Victor. She explains to him about the finalization process, much to the delight of Joel, and it appears that that will be happening in the near future.

The episode ends on a high note, with Max rejoicing that the vending machines are back. After a hard-fought battle by Kristina, machines with healthier snacks, are back at the school, and Max is overjoyed.

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