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New Show Recap: Parenthood, Season 4, Episode 15, “Because You’re My Sister”

This week’s Parenthood was the finale of the fourth season. How did that happen? When did finales start happening in January? ANYWAY. Season four wrapped up nicely, but without confirmation of a renewal for next season, there isn’t much left to wonder about over the hiatus. This was another full-cast episode, where everybody’s storyline moves forward, and most of it in a very, very good way.

The entire Braverman clan gathered in the judge's chambers
One more Braverman has been added!

Jasmine and Crosby: The grey cloud hanging over their hot anniversary date is the falling out Crosby had with Renee last week. She’s moved in the 700 sq. ft. apartment of Jasmine’s brother. He’s kind of a hilarious, and he’s a good sport, but he was most relieved when Crosby came groveling on date night. The cause of his groveling? He wants Renee to meet their new friend. Their new friend growing inside Jasmine!!! She’s expecting, and I think Crosby’s transformation to actual man is nearing completion.

Sarah and Mark and Hank: What a bizarre love triangle. Sarah tells Mark point blank that’s she’s going to make it work with Hank, and then Hank tells Sarah he has to move to Minnesota to be near his daughter. So. In the end, Hank gives Sarah a medium format camera to give to Max, since he knows that Max would rather not look people in the eye. He gives her that, and asks her to think about moving to Minnesota. Huh.

Drew and Amy: Drew gets very good news: he got into Berkley! He goes to tell Amy, and this appears to be their unspoken, final goodbye. Amy’s going to school in Boston, he’s going to Berkley, and that’s that. Sometimes young love is bittersweet. Drew is hesitant to tell Amber that he’s going to Berkley, but she is nothing but pleased about the whole thing. Go Drew!

Amber and Ryan: Yes, that’s right, Amber and Ryan. Ryan is back to work for Joel, in counseling, and missing Amber fiercely. Amber, as stoic as she appears, is in mad love with Ryan. He apologizes. She apologizes. They kiss, they go to Victor’s adoption finalization together, and in the closing vignette, they’re looking at jewelry in a store window. Go Amber!

Adam and Kristina: As Kristina finishes up her chemo, she sees her friend from her very first treatment. Her friend has relapsed, and it shakes Kristina. Adam is ready to celebrate her final chemo and good test results, but Kristina rejects his trip to Hawaii. She later goes to him in a Pinky Tuscadaro wig, apologizes, and explains her fears to him. One of the best scenes of the night was watching them get the news that her PET scan was clear. Kristina is cancer free. The season closes with Adam and Kristina, hand-in-hand in the Pacific.

Julia and Joel: The big event happening in this season finale is Victor’s adoption finalization. Victor and Julia seem to have found some common ground, but Sydney is vocalizing her objections. On a shopping trip for clothes for the finalization, Joel and Victor are looking at one suit, while Julia is looking at another. Joel takes Victor aside and says, “Here’s how this is going to work. She’s going to pick out the suit, but we do get to pick the tie.” Have I mentioned lately how much I heart Joel? Later in the episode, Victor goes directly to Sydney and requests that she attend the ceremony. Julia gets to see that happen at a distance, and she beams as Victor leaves the room, simply telling her, “It looks like she’s going to need a dress.”

The finalization ceremony brings the entire cast together to celebrate Victor, and it gave me chills how, just as the judge was ready to declare it official, Zeek speaks up and pledges his love. Then each Braverman family unit pledges their commitment to him, and he suddenly belongs. Max even presents him with his own lizard, Salsa. He hands it over to Victor, explaining that it’s a good lizard for beginners and he’s not likely to kill it. As Victor dashes out to go to the vending machine with Max, he calls Julia mom. It looks like permanency is just what he needed.

So there you have it. Season four wrapped up, complete with a bow. What did you think? I’m looking forward to a season five, channeling the power of positive thinking. What do you want to see happen in season five? Will Sarah really go to Hank? Will Amber and Ryan last? How will Max continue to navigate adolescence?


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