News Appetizers: Dear Abby

Dear Abby: I’m a bleeding-heart liberal lady in my early 30s. The news depresses me. What do I do?

Gentle Reader: I’m afraid the news will suck no matter what. So just have a drink and be grateful for what you have.

“Dear Abby” creator Pauline Phillips has died. Her tart tongue set the model for modern advice columns. Her sister, of course, was Ann Landers. NYTimes

Arson in Philadelphia has possible links to union intimidation. NYTimes

All of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliners have been grounded. Because they can catch on fire. Really easily. BBC

Imagine this: you get a job. You get paid pretty well for it, but you don’t like working. You find someone in China who will do the job for pennies on the dollar. So you pay him. Then you get another job and do the same thing. Soon you’re earning a tidy sum without doing any work. This story is true and will probably be a “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” question. BBC

Several Americans were taken hostage in Algeria. Several people have reportedly escaped but the fate of others remains unclear. LATimes

I am fascinated by all the new evidence coming to light surrounding Natalie Wood’s death. LATimes

Dartmouth to end AP credits because they think AP tests aren’t as rigorous as their own classes. Is it a way to nickel and dime students or a path to a more robust education? Salon

By [E] Sally Lawton

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I got 18 hours worth of credits from the AP tests and it’s the only way I managed to graduate in four years with a double-major. Since my scholarship was only supposed to last for 8 semesters (no idea how they let me get away with summer school one year too), I’d have been screwed otherwise. No, the classes probably aren’t quite as rigorous, but in the long run the slight gap in knowledge base in a couple core classes probably won’t make a damn bit of difference in anyone’s life.

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