News Appetizers Love Carbs

I always find that bad news can often be redeemed with a tiny bit of good news, such as women being allowed in combat positions or learning that carbs are a key player in evolution. So read on, knowing there will be some bad. But there will also be some good. And carbs.

a loaf of bread with the end sliced off and a glass of dark beer next to it
Bless the carbs

Obama chooses ex-prosecutor Mary Jo White as chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. NYTimes

The Senate is seeking a ban on assault rifles. While the national mood is favorable, Republicans still like to have the NRA in their back pocket. NYTimes

U.S. ends the ban on women in combat, which acknowledges the fact that women are already fighting on the front lines. The military still may ban women from certain activities. Which just, sigh. BBC

North Korea is planning a nuclear test. China’s like, “Mooommmm, he’s doing it again! He’s poking me!” And the rest of the world is like, “Stop antagonizing your sister, North Korea, or we will turn this car right back around!” BBC

What’s the difference between a dog and a wolf? It may be carbs. Which they evolved to eat because they were hanging around early humans, who also ate carbs. Carbs! Driving the survival of the fittest! LATimes

The UN is opening up an investigation into the U.S. Drone program. ‘Bout time. NPR

New Zealand is thinking of banning cats in orders to protect wildlife. Existing cats would be spayed and neutered and allowed to live out their lives, while no new cats would be allowed on the island. An editorial from Slate explains why this might be a good idea. Slate

New Mexico State Rep. Cathrynn Brown wants to pass a law that would allow women to be charged with a third-degree felony should they abort a fetus that results from a rape. Because she thinks that’s tampering with evidence. Sigh. Salon

By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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