News Appetizers with a Fine Cup of Coffee

New Congress. Same old misery thanks to violence against women and people of color. And the possible return of one of the best TV shows ever.

See you, 112th Congress. May your obstructionism hit you on your way out the door. NYTimes

The homicide rate in Chicago is startingtly high, which is an interesting story to read on the same day that Sandy Hook kids went back to school. It probably won’t surprise anyone to know that the homicide rate in Chicago primarily affects poor people of color. While Sandy Hook affects white kids. Both stories are tragic, but want to take a guess as to which tragedy gets a conversation about gun control and our environment going? NYTimes: Chicago and Sandy Hook

Indian prosecutors will seek the death penalty in the gang-rape case. Remember that India is the world’s most populous democracy, and violence against women is finally getting its due – in the same week that the U.S. House blocked the Violence Against Women Act. LATimes and Huffington Post

Putin grants French film star Gerard Depardieu Russian citizenship so that the actor won’t have to pay higher taxes. In Russia, taxes pay you! Al Jazeera

Google’s chief is taking a trip to North Korea. Hey, you have business in my government! BBC

No surprise here, but Boehner won another term as Speaker of the House. But he lost a lot of votes, too. Slate

Twin Peaks may come back. That’s a damn fine cup of coffee. Slate

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