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Open Thread For The Masses

Kittens, I know the holidays are over and gone, but do you have that aching feeling inside that you maybe, just maybe, didn’t get that special little thing you wanted?

It’s a little selfish, but look, personally speaking, after the holiday season that I just went through, I feel a little liberty in being a bit selfish. I think everyone should give themselves some sort of reward for surviving the holidays, whatever it is that you grinned and bore it through. So, for my post holiday gift to myself ? This little amazing creature:

A yellow duckling with two heads.
Meet Mr. RonaldDonald, soon to be head cheerleader of my household

Isn’t he adorable? I love him so much – I think I’m going to call him RonaldDonald. He will come with me to cocktail parties and grocer shopping, each time in a new little outfit. And when someone asks, what is that? I’ll just say, my little post holiday gift to me.

So, what will you be doing for your post holiday gift for yourself? Whether you have a little me time or a little thing you have been eyeing, everyone needs their own RonaldDonald for making it through the holidays.

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Okay masses, I need some collective-thought help here. My SO keeps referring to the basement as his man-cave. This is mostly because he has a small work bench and some tools down there, and regardless of the fact that it is also where all the canned food lives, where I store my kayak, where I have my bike on its bike trainer, and so much more. It is a shared space for the two of us. I have told him that I really kind of hate it when he calls it a “man-cave” as it is rather exclusive and gendered; I find it offensive. He is fully aware of my feminist tendencies. Yet every single fucking time I ask him not to call it that he responds with: “Gah, I don’t want to have this fight *again*. You call it whatever you want and I’ll call it whatever I want. Leave it alone.”

Does this bother anyone else? I can’t quite articulate why this is soooo grinding on my nerves, why it really *is* offensive, and why can’t he just not call it that in front of me if he knows it pisses me the fuck off??

I’m annoyed by the implication that the man has to have a separate space of his own because he has to be on his best behavior in the rest of the house and play by the woman’s rules. As if we’re all shrieking harridans who don’t let them relax in their own homes. And women don’t get their own space unless it’s a “Mom cave” where they can hide from the kids. At this point, though, I’d be more annoyed that he’s dismissive of your feelings about it than about what he calls it.

Hell yeah it would bother me if my BF started calling part of our abode his “man-cave.”

I’m also annoyed at the fact that he’s essentially gaslighting you about it, making it something YOU should just “leave alone,” rather than owning up to the fact that you’ve expressly asked him not to call it that. Have you asked him why he insists on calling it this? If he’s stuck in privilege-mindset, that might not do anything, but maybe addressing those reasons out loud might help him realize he shouldn’t do it.

Well if anyone wanted a tilt-shift photo-editing program and didn’t get one, giveaway of the day has one for free today :-D It looks pretty damn cool (I didn’t get it because the last thing I need right now is something else to spend time on, my plate is kind of full)

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