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Open Thread: Love to Bargain

Allow me to brag for a minute: I have nice clothes. I own pieces by some very nice designers, including Chanel. And I got each of those pieces for around $30.

I know! That’s a bargain! And I did it again on Sunday when I bought a silk Vena Cava dress that’ll be perfect for summer parties for $25. I also got this funky as hell shirt by a label I’m not familiar with for $20.

Where do I find these? At estate sales in very expensive neighborhoods, of course. That’s also where I found my Cuisinart, including all attachments for $30, and a very nice pair of leather boots for $10.

Where do you find your bargains? Or if you haven’t found one lately, tell me how your day went!

By [E] Sally Lawton

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I love, LOVE to bargain shop, and am freaking relentless. I honed my eye working at a clearance center as a teen, so I can spot diamonds in the rough from 20 paces. I love finding something designer for a song. Got a pair of Mui Mui boots at a thrift store for $8 most recently. LOVE!! So jealous of your finds!

For the life of me, I can’t thrift. I try, but it just never works out. I lovethe idea of sewing, of making and baking, but I have the most useless pair of hands ever. And that money keeps trickling away.

On a positive note, I deflected the pain of a job rejection by watching Casablanca and now I love Humphrey Bogart.

So…I like tumblr. I have a lot of fun on there, but tonight, this image of bruised/battered women came over my dashboard, and I have to say, I’m confused and horrified that it came from a “feminist” and without any commentary. Wondering at the origin of the picture, I clicked on the “notes” to see what was being said. The image had been reblogged a lot and comments were few and far between. What I noticed was a lot of “bruises are beautiful!” and “I love getting bruises and not knowing where they come from!” and only one–ONE!–comment of, “Domestic abuse is horrible, it shouldn’t be a trend.” I just don’t understand how people could reblog something like that as if it were a POSITIVE thing.

Link (TRIGGER WARNING for domestic abuse):

Last weekend, I went to a thrift center and found a navy Burberry trench for $9, a green Halston wool coat for $15, and a plaid YSL button down for $2 (this shirt was too small for me, but I bought it for a friend who adores it).

How do you find estate sales? Just keeping an eye on Craigslist?

Anyone out there tonight? I may have to post again on the weekend, but am hoping some brilliant mind out there can help.

I am part of a feminist action group who has done some great work. It is my turn to be tasked with coming up with the next campaign. I would like to do something Guerrilla-like, underground-ish. I would like it to be around slut shaming, I think. I hope to have it as humorous as possible, as that really works down here.

Unbelievably, I cannot come up with anything. I have been searching around the internet hoping to find an open campaign where we could use the posters or such to paste all over the city, but nothing. I cannot seem to focus this in.

Does anyone have any ideas?

To be clear, we’re a very small group with no funds other than what we could throw together personally.

I’m attaching a billboard from St. Matthew’s in the City. It’s an Anglican church in Auckland, NZ who has the most amazing billboards. I love the sense of humour and it goes over so well here.

Undergroundish, against slut shaming but humorous? Damn, that’s a toughie.

Maybe show a cake and say “You don’t mind when this shares itself freely, but hate it when a human does it?’ Oh, that sounds awful.

Or add some famous (fictional) male celeb sluts and put It’s Okay For Women To Act Like This As Well or a much better line.

Or just If You Don’t Suffer From It, Don’t Shame It

And here’s me thinking I have a creative mind T__T

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