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PR All Stars 2.08: “The Great Egadsby”

Unlike P-Mag, there are no holiday vacations on the runway, and our friends at PR All Stars gave us two new shows during our hiatus. Let’s catch up and see who’s still standing and who’s been twenty-three skidoo-ed to clean up their work area.

Today we’ll chat about the head-to-head challenge episode which aired on the 20th, and tomorrow at this time we’ll talk about the ready-to-wear challenge from the 27th. We’ll be back on our regular Monday schedule after the next episode airs tomorrow. Enough with the housekeeping, I’ve been waiting to gloat about this episode for almost two weeks. If I don’t get it out, I might explode.

Head-to-Head Challenge

The final six designers were not nearly as tickled as I was to discover that the eighth challenge of the season was a face-off, all wrapped up in a contemporary twist on a twenties theme. The designers drew their theme-specific categories from the bag envelopes of doom. Joshua and Emilio would compete to create the best look for an afternoon garden party, Anthony Ryan and Ivy would compete to create the best look for an after hours speakeasy, and Uli and Laura Kathleen would compete to create the best look for an evening soirèe. Everyone got a stack of cash to spend at Mood, and everyone whipped out their claws for the confession cams and Joanna-enabled throw-downs. Ivy shoots herself in the foot with a one-two punch of telling Anthony Ryan his dress is mediocre while simultaneously biting off more than she can chew and ending up with a mediocre dress. Joshua and Emilio both make really cute dresses which nod to the twenties without writing their names together on their sketchbooks. They snark a bit at each other in the workroom, but the real fireworks are between Uli, who makes an adorable (yes, white again) flapper-inspired dress with a modern neck and hemline, and Laura Kathleen, who makes a cruise-wear pant-romper for Cruella DeVille. Fur coat and all, and I wish I was shitting you.

To the Runway!

Afternoon Garden Party

Emilio was aiming for a late twenties, early thirties silhouette. His model is, as always, one of the highlights of the episode, and I continue to want whatever she’s selling. As for the look itself, I think the fabric choice was a miss. The abstract floral print is appropriate for a garden party without being too on the nose, but at the same time, nothing about it says twenties to me.

Project Runway All Star Emilio's1920s look from episode 2x08.


Joshua’s look is kicky and fun, and the raspberry fabric he chose is delicious. He’s especially great at hinting at the twenties without overdoing it, the hemline and drop waist are just the right amount of flapper. Joshua does a much better job of editing himself in this challenge, and the result is classy, subtle and refined, without losing any of Joshua’s fun, witty trademarks. More like this, Joshua!

Project Runway All Star Joshua's 1920s look from episode 2x08.


Evening Soireè

Uli was worried about pulling out the embellishments again, but like she explains to Joanna, if she doesn’t do that for a twenties challenge, the judges would chastise her for not playing to her strengths. She has a point. She also has a gorgeous look, and she and Laura Kathleen rocked glittery flapper headbands during the runway and judging.

Project Runway All Star Uli's 1920s look from episode 2x08.


Laura Kathleen decided in Mood that women in the twenties wore fur coats, they didn’t wear flapper dresses, so she dressed her model up like Charo from an episode of The Love Boat, threw a dead animal around her neck and gave herself a cookie. I’m sure all the points connected in LK’s head, but I’m still blinking about it two weeks later. Her model is screaming out to us in the picture below, readers. It’s too late for her, but let her tragedy be a cautionary tale. Friends don’t let friends wear pants-rompers and pelts.

Project Runway All Star Laura Kathleen's 1920s look from episode 2x08.


After Hours Speakeasy

Of course Anthony Ryan nailed it, he’s that super-smart kid in class who ruins the curve for everyone. He’s the perfect PR contestant, he takes risks, he plays to his strengths, he’s got a clear point of view and the barbs he throws at his fellow competitors are both witty and gentle enough to keep him from looking like an asshole. I love his look so, so much.

Project Runway All Star Anthony Ryan's1920s look from episode 2x08.


Ivy, on the other hand, made another sad dress. Every week, we see the potential in her sketches and (sometimes) her fabric choices, but she never quite gets the look she’s trying for. It does move nice, in spite of being heavy and a little wonky to look at. (You get my expert fashion language for no extra cost, readers.)

Project Runway All Star Ivys 1920s look from episode 2x08.



The Results

The top three were Anthony Ryan, Uli and Emilio, with Joshua declared off limits to be sent home as well. That left Ivy and Laura Kathleen in the bottom. Anthony was declared the winner, and Laura Kathleen went home. Let’s have a moment, shall we?

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