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Starstruck: Lunchtime Poll for 1/8/13

Celebrities, man. They’re just like regular people, right?

Well, probably. I’ve had a few celebrity encounters in the past, and pride myself on staying cool, calm, and not creepy. There are, however, a few people who would make all of my practiced nonchalance jump out the window, flailing and screaming. Right now, that list consists of Sir Patrick Stewart and Beyoncé.

How about you? Who are the celebrities who would make you lose your cool?

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I met Ryan Gosling in 2000, so it was a bit before his “Hey Girl” status, but he was very cute nonetheless. I was probably a bit giggly, but nothing too crazy.

HOWEVER, I was quite proud of myself for not being an idiot when I met Noel Gallagher in October. High-five, self.

I might have trouble not stammering and getting all flushed if I met Helen Mirren though.

We used to get a fair number of celebs at the bookstore I worked at for years. Mostly we tried really hard to pretend they were just regular customers, but I once switched registers so I could ring up Avery Brooks (I was a huge DS9 fan), and when Orlando Bloom came in my work bff and I ran all over the store to make sure we saw him, practically ran into him getting off the elevator, then looked up footage of him on the security cameras. The only one I really turned into a blithering idiot around was Geoffrey Holder. He was a regular and the nicest man ever. He was a total Broadway god and played Punjab in Annie and was a Bond villain.

Now, if I ever ran into David Tennant or Neil deGrasse Tyson I would probably just spontaneously orgasm and then die. TMI?

I’m in the same boat (hopefully not Titanic) as Slay Belle: an unusually large amount of people I knew in my youth are now very, very famous. Plus I used to hang out with a lot of bands growing up, and then was in the music industry for a while, then did stuff in sci-fi/entertainment space a bit – so I’ve run across a full spectrum of cool famous people and genuine jerkhats. I think there are lots of celebs that I’d love to meet but would hope not to become a complete idiot around – but the ones that might trip me up a bit would probably be Michelle and/or Barack Obama (I’d overcompensate and look like a tool guaranteed), David Tennant (I’d be lucky to utter a word), and probably also Patrick Stewart (because I might forget to ask before I hugged him)…

I’ve met a disproportionate number of famous people, though a combination of some childhood friends who became famous and working in the publishing industry. Its easy to see what creative pursuits are important to me by who I totally melt down over. Its writers. I totally melt down over writers. I trip all over myself, I’m awkward, I stutter. I’m pretty sure I sweat. Its embarrassing.

I wrote early on in my ‘career’ for a dark arts and literature magazine and had to stop doing interviews with writers because I was such a goddamn sycophant.

I can’t be normal around celebrities. I’ve only met a couple, but I get super shy and tongue tied around them and it is so awkward for me and so awkward for them. The last person I was like that with was Kate Beaton at a con. She was all sweet and relaxed, and I couldn’t say more than “thank you” when she signed (& doodled in!) a book. My friend who was with me was totally chill and had an actual conversation with her, and I wanted to die.

I’d like to think no one would make me lose my cool in a fangirly kind of way (Idk, David Bowie or Tim Curry might), but no shit, I would totally lose my cool over Tom Cruise – I would tell him how spot on Lestat was, and then spit in his face for being a fucking asshole who needs to stfu about things he has no clue on, like postpartum depression.

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