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This Open Thread Has a Strict “No Refunds” Policy

Ah, the week after Christmas, and I’m not exaggerating at all when I say that I’ve processed eleventy billion returns this week. 

Tell me something good about your day. My high points were some kind words from a co-worker and Chinese take-out for dinner.

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Ah yes – the holidays in retail were bad enough, but the post-holidays were dreadful. I used to manage a store and had to fight with a woman over ~15¢ once. (An item had been on sale, but was after-holiday priced at 20% off of full price. She wanted 20% off of the sale price, because one item in a huge bin had the sale sticker on it still. I told her she could have whichever was cheaper, but not both. I wouldn’t have minded giving her the discount off of the sale price since that would have been a loss of about 15¢, but since she was soooo immediately rude I refused to budge. It was clearly marked with a huge sign. She bought it after almost 15 minutes of yelling with a line of people wrapped around the store. Sometimes it’s good to be king.)

Today will be my first foray into malldom since well before November; I have to get my new work machine fixed so I get paid to go to the mall :)

So, the good: paychecks were processed on priority this week, so I got paid today. Yay!

The less good: I didn’t get paid as much as I expected (and the online self-service thingy won’t let me look at the individual paycheck). I know there were a few days I didn’t work a full 8 hours, and the tax percentage increased a bit, but I didn’t expect it to be THAT much different.

The uh-oh: Rent is paid (it was first priority), but I’m not going to have enough for cell phone AND food. Helllll.

But, well, we’ve had a busy enough week that I’ll stay busy all day today. And since it’s the weekend students return, the bookstore is on all-hands scheduling for the weekend, so I’ll get time and a half for tomorrow. At the expense of a Saturday (I did beg off Sunday because the buses don’t run remotely logically on Sundays, and I don’t want to walk four miles on either end of an eight-hours-on-my-feet shift).

Fuckin’ money.

Sheena, sorry to hear that you have to choose between food and a cell phone. Can’t live without either these days. If you have the inclination to try couponing, I”d be happy to give you some organizational pointers and steer you toward a couple of good blogs that match up sale prices and coupons to really help you save money without taking up too much time.

On the way to dance class this morning Lexie explained to me that “Daddy is naughty!” because he drives the wrong way when he takes her (I take the back roads because I hate driving on the highway; he takes the highway because it’s a bit quicker). I ordered her a booster seat for the plane/rental car next week, though I didn’t actually drive over to Toys R Us to pick it up yet. Cyber-only sale prices are somewhat negated by allowing you to pay online and then pick it up in-store if they have stock, but since I got the discount, I don’t particularly care that it’s an absurd system. And we had yummy baked ziti for dinner.

I am currently planning out several brewery tours for this weekend with a friend, and plans for a new homebrew recipe with Boyfriend.

On a particularly nerdy work-related high point in my day: by tomorrow afternoon I will be halfway through the PCR plates I need to run and a third of the way through the ABIs! I might totally get all my lab work done by the end of next week! [doesn’t matter that no one will understand that, just know it made me super excited this morning]

Here’s a high point, I just found found this little factoid and it’s too good to not share:

“The new, 113th Congress includes the first Buddhist to serve in the Senate, the first Hindu to serve in either chamber and the first member of Congress to describe her religion as “none,” continuing a gradual increase in religious diversity that mirrors trends in the country as a whole.”

This coupled with the number of women now serving is a little glimmer of hope, that we might just break the white, Christian guy stranglehold in my lifetime.

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