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This Open Thread Has Gone To Jury Duty

Kittens, I am sitting smack dab in a room full of other souls lost in limbo. That’s right. I’m at Jury Duty.

I’m pretty sure my similar glasses are being used to the full effect.

As I await my fate in the citizen duty department, wrestling equally desperate folks for the one electrical outlet in our presence, I think to myself, “Okay, at least I’m not alone.” At least with jury duty, you can see the faces of all those around you who are facing the same fate. The colder-than-cold rooms, the sterile chairs, that one person who is always coughing like tuberculosis has officially set up shop in their lungs.

But like I said, everyone, and I mean everyone (give or take those Persephone readers who are way off the grid) has tangoed with jury duty. Whether it be potential murder trials or someone looking to sue the pants of McDonald’s, I know every reader here has a treasure trove of some of the best stories ever.

Like now? There was some dude begging – pleading – to be on a jury. He acted like jury duty was akin to winning a free cruise to some sunny beach, with an all-you-can-eat cupcake buffet. I s’pose some folks are all about the silver lining.

So kittens, let’s get those stories started. What have your jury duty experiences been like? What benches have you graced, what excuses have you used, and how have you dealt with the three-headed beast of the legal system. Go ahead kitten, this open thread is all private and we are happy to go there with you.

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I am nearly 30 and have managed never to have been called for jury duty. I attribute this almost exclusively to the fact that I haven’t lived in the same town/county for more than a year at a time since I was in college, and I guess there is some minimum residency requirements before you get called in. I win.

I had jury duty last winter. It was a vandalism/petty theft case and the alleged victim was sketchy as hell. I was surprised that one of my fellow jury members was someone who knew just about all parties involved (she frequented the business that was the scene of the crime) and they let her stay on the case. I was also surprised that for the restitution part of it, we weren’t provided with any photos of the damage or receipts for repair costs and were supposed to take the plaintiff’s word on it that it cost him between 7 and 10k$ to fix everything. Because there apparently are only a handful of people that repair cables on bowling alleys and they all work for one company in California. But the dude didn’t keep any documents of the expenses.

I’ve gotten out of jury duty a couple of times thanks to my aunt’s abusive drunk of a second husband. The first time, when I lived in Savannah, I was dismissed because it was a domestic violence case and they let pretty much everyone go who had experienced or known someone who experienced an abusive relationship. The second time, in Brooklyn, it was an alcohol-related case (drunk driving maybe? I don’t remember). I guess the bastard had to be good for something.

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