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This Open Thread has the Cone of Shame to Contend with

Oh my goodness, Persephoneers. It’s going to be a long night. I have a newly-altered 7-month-old cat who is insistent on not wearing the goofy plastic collar. Since he’s not that long out of anesthesia, he’s wobbling around like a little drunk. It’s simultaneously the saddest and silliest thing ever. 

So, join me in this OT. tell me some stories about your silly pets. Or your day. I’m not picky.

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Zelda never had to wear the cone of shame after her spay, but it was kind of funny to watch her walk around all loopy from the anesthesia.

But also when I dropped her off to get fixed she made some of the saddest sounds I’ve ever heard. That dog lays better guilt trips than my Italian Catholic mother.

Make sure to take lots of pictures so you can remember this glorious moment in ten years! I really do wish I had pictures of Loki years ago when he was a wee bitty kitten who had just been altered.

Instead here’s a picture of him in his cone of shame from a few months ago when he had a cyst removed. I don’t think he’s forgiven me.

Loki has been carrying his bone around the house nonstop today. He only puts it down once in a while. Right in front of Thor. Then he waits to see if Thor will try to chew on it. If Thor does try to enjoy it, he growls and takes it back. He doesn’t quite get the concept of sharing. Hilarious and pathetic all at the same time.

My cat chases his tail. Like, for hours. All around the house. He’ll usually start off on the couch, become this swirling ball of tail-chasing fluff, and eventually (I think) he’ll just become so dizzy that he flops down on the floor and meows at me pathetically. This usually happens once or twice a night. It’s amazing.

I was out of town Monday through last night, and the doggies just came home from my mom’s today. I have two dogs: Rosie the tiny dachshund, and Molly the Tulip hound. Molly is the older one, and has taken turns with all the family, including my brother (who rescued her from an abusive home) as well as survived a bear attack.

When I got home today from errands, my stepfather had already dropped them off. They were excited, and Molly even went outside quickly instead of waiting forever to do her business. But then we went back inside and she crawled on top of my dirty laundry pile and wouldn’t get up. It was like she thought if she got up someone would take it from her? My guess is that she could smell me on them and had been curled up there most of the afternoon. I eventually coaxed her off them by letting her sit directly in my lap even though she’s just big enough that that makes typing difficult. She’s acting a little depressed and her breath smells a little off, so I’m a little worried? But yeah.

My Pet story: Lacking in cones of shame, but containing sulky dogs all the same.

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