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This Weekend Open Thread Loves Mac and Cheese Spring Rolls

They’re cheesy and a little greasy and oh so perfect.

Yesterday I ate macaroni and cheese spring rolls. I’ve had them a few times before, but the novelty hasn’t worn off, so I might dream about them this weekend.

Please, regale me with tales of your favorite indulgent snack. Or maybe we can just chat.

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My life right now is a complete reversal of traditional gender roles. I am the one who puts on steel toed boots in the mornings, goes to work (usually at a factory), and brings home the bacon. Meanwhile my boyfriend stays at home and cleans and cooks. No spring rolls for me, but when I got home on Monday he was making shrimp and grits! Hopefully he’ll find work soon and the situation will change, but damn am I enjoying it right now.

I haven’t had internet since we moved, hence my absence. I get to use it every few days when I make it over to the local TCG shop. But I should be getting it again on the 17th!

Although I am tired of being on break and ready to be busy again (one more week left before classes…), having my own space has been treating me well. We’ve had to scrimp on a lot of things because moving is expensive and the BF didn’t get paid over his winter break, but things are going to start getting better.

Sounds delicious. I didn’t know you could substitute baking powder with lemon juice? Can you explain that, I’m curious.

If you’re into breads, may I humbly suggest this recipe:

It is strawberry, yogurt, banana bread and it is amazing. You can make it as healthy (or not) as you want. I had never made banana bread and randomly found this and it called to me. My partner who had never had strawberry bread before either, will now randomly buy strawberries to entice me into making it.

I didn’t twig either, until I looked in the cupboard, saw we had bicarbonate of soda but no baking powder. So I consulted the boyfriend (both a more experience baker than me and a chemistry student) and he said bicarb works as a raising agent as long as it has an acid. So I added lemon juice (it fizzed :) ). I added a bit more bicarb than the recipe had and about twice the volume of lemon juice, and it worked really well. Improv baking for the win!

That recipe looks pretty similar – I’ll have to try adding strawberries in the summer.

Is anyone else having trouble logging in? I can only do it from an incognito browser, and have cleared my cache already…

On the plus side, Boyfriend and I waged war against mildew in the apartment today. Begone, you foul black fuzziness! Team Housework!

The other day my student worker introduced me to a concept I have not yet been able to bring to fruition: crescent rolls with brie and strawberry jam wrapped up in them and then baked. I need these. I want these. She also brought in fudge made with velveeta cheese and it was good. I do not lie.

On a different note: I bought Feliway for my cats today because the one is psychotic and the other one licks her belly bare due to stress. Has anyone else had any luck with it? Or other solutions to stressed out kitties?

yeeeess…. a friend made crescent rolls filled with cheese and bacon (it was for a brunch potluck. went awesome with scrambled eggs). Now I can’t stop thinking about all the different combinations of things I could roll into crescent rolls. Apple slices and cheese, tomato sauce and ricotta- basically cheese + something that goes well with cheese. I admit I haven’t gotten around to making them, either…

My cat was stress licking her tummy bare and obsessively cleaning her ears to the point that she had no hair left on ’em. My vet suggested this stuff you can get it at Petsmart. A cap full in the water dish each day. It worked its been over a year since I used it and my cat has all her hairs

Oh! Thank you! I’ll try it next if the Feliway doesn’t help. They’ve been pretty calm today despite my putting up a new curtain rod in the living room. I’ve been on a huge home improvement kick lately. I’m glad to hear your baby has all her furs back. Mara’s belly looks so sad and pink and bare…

Also, I may eat my favorite snack while watching. Cheesy potato skins. I was depressed this week because the only ones we had in the house were non-GF. One of the good things about living with your parents, though, is sometimes they love you enough to go buy whole new boxes of things just to make you happy. (So. Happy.)

Attention Canadian PMag’rs:

Canada Student Loans has lost the information of half a million borrowers including SIN’s, DOB, and contact info. No one in NUN, QB, NWT are affected. Those affected had loans between 2000 – 2006. In the article there is a phone number that opens up on Monday so you can find out if you’re one of the people on the list.

I tried, but don’t know what I have done wrong – I swear I’m usually pretty computer savvy. I love beta testing for people and fun games (though I don’t know Stratego). I’m attaching a picture of where I’m at. Basically, I think I downloaded the zip properly, extracted to this point, but now when I run the exe it asks if I want to trust the publisher (I say yes) and then nothing happens? Sorry! Where did I go wrong?

No mac and cheese but cheddar and ham biscuits. Brand new recipe for me and they are delightful. I’m supposed to bring them to an ‘event’ this afternoon but about 1/3 will remain at home. New snack food! I will have to start dating the blimp if I eat too many of these delightful snacks! (Ooh! I seem to love the exclamation mark today.)

Oh, and if y’all can take a minute to sign a petition?

Marissa Alexander is the woman in Florida who was prosecuted (and sentenced to 20 years) for firing a gun into the ceiling to protect herself from an abusive husband. They wouldn’t let her use Stand Your Ground, because we all know that’s for white doods, not for women of color trying to protect themselves and their kids.

The petition just isn’t getting signatures, and it really needs them.

Does anyone know what a proper amount of $ to gift at a wedding? More importantly when you are the poor. Some more info: there is no registry, this is the grooms (he’s who I know out of this) 2nd marriage and I was invited like a week ago ,via facebook message if that matters, and it is next weekend. Help! I was not able to budget for this but I don’t want to look like a cheapskate either.

Agreed. Maybe it’s because I am wicked poor and it’s been really good friends (who understand the poorness and the grad school debt) who’s weddings I attended, but I my gift/money giving is few and far between. A last minute FaceBook invite deems a card and a hug. Especially if you have to buy a dress or figure out hotel expenses or whatnot. Or maybe I’m just stingy (but I’m okay with that).

Oh man, now I want mac and cheese so bad…

I’m currently taking a long weekend to do a bunch of writing for grad school assignments. My parents are on a trip to Chile for their anniversary, so I came down and have the house to myself. It’s kind of magic. I got so much writing done today, …plus satellite TV and an elliptical… heh. This weekend I will be super productive!!

That looks super tasty. Mac n cheese is one of my indulgences. That, really good dark chocolate, and hot party dips, especially rotel dip and cream cheese mixed with chili (looks gross, tastes divine).

But I’m trying to be a good kid, so I’m baking a diced up sweet potato to go with a nice salad for dinner. Which is also super tasty, but a lot less terrible for me.

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