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Wednesday Logic Problem: Fun With Editors

Sharpen your number two pencils, it’s a Persephone Magazine take on a logic problem.

Man sitting under a large art installation of a glowing light bulb.Five of the Persephone Magazine editors (one was Liza) rode their unicorns (one is named Misandry) to a meeting where they made out with celebrities (one was Timothy Olyphant), had a few vintage cocktails (one lady drank a Rum Runner), and pitched story ideas (one lady wants to write about nerds).  Can you sort out which editor owns which unicorn, which celebrity she made out with, what she drank, and the story idea she pitched from the following six clues?

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  1. The Gimlet drinker and the Harvey Wallbanger drinker are the lady who owns Poodle (who is Liza) and the lady who owns Jazz Hands, in some order.
  2. Coco and Sara B. are the one who pitched a story about coffee (who is also the one who made out with David Tennant) and the one who pitched the story about nerds (who is also the one who drank the Harvey Wallbanger), in some order.
  3. The Rum Runner drinker, who isn’t the one who owns Polka Dot, made out with Cory Booker.
  4. The Singapore Sling drinker, who owns Misandry, isn’t Sally J. (who made out with Neil deGrasse Tyson).
  5. The lady who pitched a story about .gifs made out with Julia Sugarbaker.
  6. The lady who pitched a story about books doesn’t own Polka Dot, Sara B. doesn’t own Jazz Hands.


Here’s a grid you can download to help you along.

And a table to jot all your answers down:


Editor Name Drink of Choice Make-out Partner Story Pitch Unicorn Name



And, when you need the answers, they’re tucked behind this spoiler box.


Liza owns Poodle (clue 1). She didn’t drink the Harvey Wallbanger (clue 2), so she’s the one who drank Gimlet, and the one who drank the Wallbanger owns Jazz Hands (clue 1). The Wallbanger drinker isn’t Sara B. (clue 6), so the Wallbanger drinker is Coco (clue 2). Coco pitched the story about Nerds, and Sara B. pitched the story about Coffee and made out with David Tennant (clue 2). Sally J. made out with Neil deGrasse Tyson (clue 4). The lady who drank the Rum Runner made out with Cory Booker (clue 3), so she’s Selena. The Singapore Sling drinker isn’t Sally J. (clue 4), so she’s Sara B., who owns Misandry (clue 4). Selena doesn’t own Polka Dot (clue 3), so she owns Senator Snugglehaunches. By elimination, Sally J. drank the Sidecar and owns Polka Dot. The editor who made out with Julia Sugarbaker ¬†pitched the story about .gifs (clue 5), so she’s Liza. Sally J. didn’t pitch the Books story (clue 6), so it had to be Swearing. Since Coco made out with Timothy Olyphant, Selena pitched the story about Books.

To sum up:

Coco drank a Harvey Wallbanger, made out with Timothy Olyphant, pitched a story about Nerds and rides a unicorn named Jazz Hands.

Liza drank a Gimlet, made out with Julia Sugarbaker, pitched a story about .gifs, and rides a unicorn named Poodle.

Sally J. drank a Sidecar, made out with Neil deGrasse Tyson, pitched a story about Swearing, and rides a unicorn named Polka Dot.

Sara B. drank a Singapore Sling, made out with David Tennant, pitched a story about Coffee, and rides a unicorn named Misandry.

Selena drank a Rum Runner, made out with Cory Booker, pitched a story about Books, and rides a unicorn named Senator Snugglehaunches.



photo credit: Raymond Larose via photopin cc

We’re testing this as a potential weekly feature, let me know what you think in the comments, along with sharing your answers. If you don’t mind, out of respect to others who may still be solving, put them in a spoiler tag.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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